Amazing Spider-Man: A great enemy of Spider-Man is returning

In the saga "The Last Remains" by Amazing Spider-Man Spidey's allies had a tough battle with Sin-Eater, and Sin-Eater, who is still alive, intends to contact an ancient enemy of Spider-Man.

The tough fight with Sin eater it was closed and luckily Mary Jane survived, who would die in the conflict. However, in number 51 of the series, it was found that The bad guy is still alive and continues to swear allegiance to Kindred, whose identity we recently discovered on the Amazing Spider-Man website.

Sin-Eater now has a plan and has decided to make the heroes clash with a known enemy. His name is Morlun and is a formidable opponent for those who have spider powers or totem powers in general. In fact he is a psychic vampire Who needs the psychic energy of those with totem powers to nourish themselves and in the past to get Spidey into serious trouble? Although the protagonist previously managed to survive the encounter with the aforementioned enemy, it is not certain that he will make it again, the return of Morlun it will certainly make the situation more tense.

Volume 51 of the work was written by Matthew Rosenberg and Nick Spencer and is drawn by Federico Vicentini. We also know that the Amazing Spider-Man saga "The Last Remains" is coming to an end.

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