Beastars: Fans imagine a crossover with Animal Crossing

One of the most successful anime currently on Netflix, Beastars , which follows the complicated life of Legoshi, an anthropomorphic wolf. Given the similarity of the protagonists, the fans imagined a nice crossover between the series and the new Nintendo Switch exclusive: Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The personalization of an incredible adventure in a world inhabited by animals, together with the possibility of creating your own personal island, has meant that many fans of the anime transposition of the work of Paru Itagaki have spent hours at reconstruct characters and places in the series.

The Legoshi, Haru and Louis' debut was incredible, and Netflix has already announced the production of a second season, scheduled for 2021. The user @citrussalt shared on Twitter the post you find at the bottom of the news. The image in question portrays the moment when Legoshi and Louis have a heated discussion before the school theater show.

While Louis is considered one of the best students of the institute, and also the main actor of the show, Legoshi remains behind the scenes, taking care of the technical aspect. If initially the two do not exactly agree, over time they will find themselves involved in the same situation and will be forced to collaborate.

What do you think of this nice crossover? Let us know with a comment below.

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