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Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Double - Chapter 5: Uzaki wants to catch them all!

The day after sakurai Start calling mom Hanna by his name Hanna She's still mad at him and she doesn't know why. Also behave coldly at work, where Me and his father assume it was his own fault sakurai. Then it comes Tsuki to the cafeteria, concerned that her daughter's mood swing might get her into trouble. Then the reason becomes clear and they end up having a session where they all have to call each other by their first names. thanks for that sakurai Y Hanna They manage to reconcile.

For a change of scenery after listening Hanna call him by his name sakurai Take advantage of a free trial session at a gym. where with the help of Fujithe fitness trainer, sakurai gets ready to lift weights and sees the young man's determination, Fuji trying desperately to get him to join the gym.

The same afternoon while Hanna Y Tsuki They talk at home, his father comes, Fuji Uzaki, the fitness trainer. Breaking the news of a new young man at the gym to his family. But it's over Hannatelling his mother about it sakurai wants to learn another recipe for cooking and reveals to his father that his senpai is a man and not a woman as he thought. Which led to a family reunion attended by his younger brother kiri and her younger sister Yanagi. being senpai the main theme that marks him as the friend of HannaNonetheless, Hanna clarifies that they are not together.

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!  Double - Chapter 5
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The little sister with the legendary hairstyle

Finally after such a long wait Yanagi Uzakithe younger sister of Hanna was officially introduced Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Double – Chapter 5. Being just 14 years old with the protagonist's well-known cliche hairstyle in the hentai and with an accent kansai. Despite his brief appearance in the episode, Yanagi managed to display a somewhat annoying personality Hannabut that would fit perfectly into the alliance of Me Y sakaki.

The contribution to it Yanagi As for the development of the protagonists, I can give a feeling that it will be similar to what he showed in the previous chapters with the trap of sakaki and the sacrifice of the dignity of Me. But in less time. However, the help of the alliance or involuntary help from other secondary characters can also be added, e.g Fuji either Tsuki.

That seiyu responsible for voting Yanagi it is Seina Katou, this is "technically" her second job as a voice actress. He previously has two additional characters in "Tokyo Mew Mew New“.

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!  Double - Chapter 5
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The truth is that the arrival is almost halfway through the season Yanagi gives me hope that this season of Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Double It could have a very interesting ending for the main couple. Although I also won't deny that I also have a very slight fear that they want to shut it down quickly and it will feel abrupt or even prevent another season.

obvious feelings

During the first season and this second season, the feelings of Hanna through sakurai were more than obvious. Except for the typical cliché of the protagonist who doesn't notice. The fact that the father of Hanna will realize that her daughter is the one who was in love by just listening to her for a few seconds when she talks about her senpaiIt was something I'm not used to.

Of course, despite the obvious feelings of Hanna through sakurai for the vast majority of characters, Tsuki it continues to generate misunderstandings out of thin air. A funny point that I honestly find less funny now, and not because I'm sick of the joke (after all, it doesn't compare to those used in "Player!'), but because she's not a single mother. With the appearance of her husband, I can't help but feel sorry for the poor man, while within me there is a struggle between wanting to see him Oyakodon and want to avoid thinking about a NTR.

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Definitely the whole family uzaki It's like a tornado of different styles comedywhich I think adds variety to the genre Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Double. I like all of them but depending on the situation there will always be a winner, in this case the one I liked the most was definitely that of kiri and how his fantasy world was shattered in a matter of seconds. I could feel the suffering in her scream. Although it lags far behind those of Najimi ("Komi-san cannot communicate").

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