This review on Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! Chapter 6 contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the chapters, we recommend that you do so and then go back to read the review.

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Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! - Chapter 6: Summer! The beach! I want to put my courage to the test!

Uzaki works in the same café as Sakurai. With summer approaching, she wanted to spend a little more money on vacation. Although he also takes the opportunity to tease his senpai. When Uzaki learns of Sakurai's plans for this summer, he decides to invite him to go to the beach or a pool together. Itsuhito supports the idea of ​​going to the beach and even staying there. Trip that Ami also joins.

Back on the beach, Ami is annoyed with Sakurai for leaving Uzaki alone while he went swimming alone. So she punishes him for complimenting Uzaki on her swimsuit. To have a rare but satisfactory result. Itsuhito returns with a watermelon and a bat to all play together and see who breaks them blindfolded first. The first to try is Sakurai, who is teased by Uzaki by taking advantage of the fact that he is blindfolded. Which leads to an accident in which Sakurai falls on Uzaki and finds the watermelon.

At sunset, Itsuhito leads them to their parents' summer house, where they will spend the night. After preparing something to eat, they decide to go to Itsuhito in the forest. He wanted to recreate the typical test of courage, but Sakurai really can't stand fear, so they decide to abandon the trip. But when Uzaki hears about her Senpai's fear, she picks up her cell phone and runs deeper into the forest, followed by a frightened Sakurai.

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! - Chapter 6
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A cliché event not to be missed

The episode on the beach or in a pool has become quite typical in the anime in general. Be Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! - Chapter 6 of this clichéd episode. Personally, however, I do not consider it a cliché that I am bored of seeing. Of course, as long as a situation is created that leads to the occurrence of the event. In fact, I love watching these type of episodes, especially in romances, as they create moments when the characters can get closer and strengthen the relationship. Whether it's being created or a more advanced one.

Depending on the place where it occurs (beach or pool), the events that can occur. In this case, there was an open path on the beach to show the events of the "Watermelon Piñata" and the "Test of Courage".

The "watermelon piñata" focuses more on the "plot" of the fan service. Take the opportunity to show the characters in bathing suits. In many cases, even if this event happens, it will have less of an impact on the animated time for the episodes. After all, the main focus I see for him is fan service. In Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! - Chapter 6 used it quite well to create a situation that shaped both protagonists. Maintain and even improve the expected fan service.

This whole scene was simply fan service. Take advantage of the maximum splendor of the nuclear weapons Uzaki carries. Which even traumatizes Ami in one way or another.

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The "mother test" is also an event to bring the characters closer together. Showing the weakness of one of them is fearful. Either out of fear of the dark, fear of the supernatural after hearing a legend about the place, or fear of the possible dangers that inhabit this place in relation to fauna.

I personally think that this event offers only a few opportunities to generate comic situations from one moment to the next. Focus more on showing more moments. However, there are exceptions in the anime where a test of courage is filled with comedies without neglecting the main subject. However, these exceptions are counted and are located in series where the comedy genre is much more dominant than the other genres in this series.

That's why I'm happy with almost everything that happened in Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! - Chapter 6. Except for one thing, where is that Konami code? Honestly, this episode had a great opportunity to mention the so famous Konami codeUzaki is the one who "guides" Sakurai by mentioning the code. If that had been implemented in the scene it would have been "complete" in my opinion.

Hikikomori athlete

Sakurai was the character I developed into the most Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! - Chapter 6. The one who showed the most new facets. His love for playing, his passion for swimming, his high compliments, his weakness and of course his way of sleeping.

While everyone had their results, my favorites without a doubt were his weakness and the way he slept. The latter due to the situation it creates. A pretty padded one. I admit that in this scene I couldn't help but be excited as a spectator and see an unexpectedly intimate moment between the protagonists. Of course I would have loved to see Ami and / or Itsuhito find them asleep together. Take a photo discreetly as a keepsake. I feel like this is the only thorn I've had from that moment that they weren't discovered together.

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As for Sakurai's weakness, I must confess that I was surprised. Although I had already thought of the possibility that I wasn't very good at horror stuff, it was really unexpected that it was up to that point.

His situation kind of reminded me of the characters in the anime and / or manga who seem pretty "rude" on the outside but are much friendlier on the inside than other characters in the same series. For example, a Yankee girl who actually loves pretty things, but hates them in front of others to “preserve her image” or because she thinks “they don't suit her”.

Apparently Sakurai had shown since then previous episodes that he's the kind of character he's subconsciously intimidated into from the outside, but who has a pretty pleasant personality.

Another interesting detail was that he could compliment Ami and then Uzaki so directly. While it was natural for Ami, I would have loved to have seen a closer look at when she did it to Uzaki. Just to see if he'd get nervous before giving the compliments.

Mid season

We can take that into account when broadcasting this episode Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! goes in the middle of his broadcast. From my point of view, the basics of the customization that the manga has are already apparent. Mainly in the animation and scenes shown as they are in the original, those that have been changed or even those that have been left out.

In any case, I'm sure that the special animation section for the fluidity of the characters doesn't convince me. Well, so far I've seen it in two different ways, the first focused on the "weird" movement of the characters and the second focused on the "realistic" movement of the characters.

The "weird" way is, for example, when Uzaki tried to speak body language to Sakurai in the campground dining room a few episodes ago. I think movement had great animation and fluidity and was fun to see.

While the "realistic" form is the basic movement of the characters. For example, Sakurai dives in Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! - Chapter 6 when he returned to the shore of the beach before Ami cursed him for leaving Uzaki alone. Of course, not all "realistic" movement scenes found me bad, some fascinated me, but in my case the balance tends to be more negative.

Outside of the fluidity of the movement, the overall animation is more than acceptable considering that it's good but not great. There are also moments when the quality is better in some scenes than in others. For example in Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! - Chapter 6 I really liked the animation quality in Uzaki's pose when he found out about Sakurai's weakness. I think the design was what they were most committed to in this chapter in terms of quality.

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai! - Chapter 6
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The plot doesn't seem to be progressing very slowly, after all, none of the protagonists already know about their feelings for the other. Although I don't feel like the plot is progressing slowly, I do have a feeling that the ending as such will not have a conclusion. Stay in an open ending, with the option of a second season. What i would love Even beyond the controversial criticism this series has received.

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai preview! - Chapter 7

This time the trailer for the next episode stayed with official channel of Youtube from Kadokawa without being downloaded for violating their guidelines. But sure, like all the other teasers, it's done privately after a week.

Thanks to the preview, we can see a quieter chapter at least at the beginning and hope that Sakurai and Uzaki will go somewhere together. While the second part would have more emotions, Uzaki would be more enthusiastic about the alcohol.

I honestly think Uzaki is one of those who is drunk and much more honest. Something that is good and bad at the same time because of the situations and misunderstandings it could create. Just as it is sure to create more controversy since she is the one who is drunk ...


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