The following review of The god of high school Chapter 7 It contains spoilers. If you have already seen the chapter, please read on. Otherwise, you can watch it on one of the platforms and come back. Attention, in this series you will learn how to get ... bananas with a flying kick.

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"Never give up".


Chungcheongbuk's first game against Seoul, a three-on-three game. Here we begin to appreciate the ability of those mortals who borrow the ability of the gods to fight on earth. Now it is Jin Mori's turn against Nah Gidong, an anticipated battle as Jin will put into practice what he learned from Elder Bongchim ... The problem is that acupuncture did not come from Jin, or his memory did things can not preserve optimally. Reason why it ruins the first encounter in the end and gives Nah Gidong a bait and shame for his companions. The second match goes to Han Daewi and Jin Pum Kwang, now everything depends on him to advance in the tournament and not to go because of such unsuspecting mistakes. Jin Pum Kwang, 38, is the oldest competitor in the entire tournament and the oldest student in the high school.

On the other hand, if we take up the scenes from the previous chapter, we relive the moment when the green-haired referee Q was surprised and attacked by a member of Nox, who was concerned about the death of Sim Bongsa and the alleged death his wife pleased. and daughter, so these words alone in Q have awakened much of his power and freed himself from the holds that doubles as controllers so that the referees and contestants do not unleash all of their power ... however, Q does not support those who who talk about others.

During the tournament and the battle arena, Han Daewi encounters Jin Pum Kwang using several of his skills as this man harnesses all of his strength and knowledge gained over years of building and the trust his companions have placed in them Man who "never gives up". His age applied three times to go back to high school and his fourth time he was reinstated, only supported by his brother Nah Gidong and endured criticism of cruel teenagers who frowned that Jin tried to return to study at his advanced age. Even so, Jang Jangmi, who has no doubts about Jin's abilities, a requested brother and savior close up and a personal motivator for her who often tried to indulge in her abilities to lose, comes the reminder of how these three got together. against others, but Jin's words and her urge never to give up have permeated her. Even so, under a great fight by Jin, Han Daewi won with his last position because he also has companions to cheer him on.

Back to a life or death fight between Q and this NOX killer, both presented their Charyeok Q with his Joker with the giant Oz and this killer with a silkworm-shaped humanoid weaving the limbs of this killer amputee who they repeat over and over again Put them back together without end. But just as Q was about to finish him off, the Priest Exly of Nox and Priestess Saturn appear who have tried their skills to finish Q, an attempt that was stopped by the hand of the white-haired umpire.

At Rin Yoo, Mira meets Jang Jangmi, two girls with sword skills. The fight goes sideways with Yoo Mira breaking Jang's sword in two, so Jang releases his Charyeok "bastard". Now we return to the most furious fight between the referees and the members of Nox, with Priestess Saturn being a girl with strong vocabulary and fancy skills. Even if she unleashes her charyeok and other skills, the white-haired umpire releases her dragon, who eventually deals with what Saturn created (in Manhwa, Saturn's creation releases a poison, but the dragon resists and swallows it ... The Fight is a little longer). As the winner, Yoo Mira, with her skill number 23 of the moonlight sword, we give way to the climax of this round, in which the Seoul team wins.

Now we move on to the climax of the other battle that takes place in an apartment where the umpires fight two priests from Nox. The white-haired referee O wins with the catch of his dragon as a sword against the priestess Saturn and the referee Q knocks down his opponent Priest Exly by cutting off his wings (in Manhwa he only cuts one and holds it in his hands Q while trying to end), in the end both members run away from Nox. Giving and two battles ended, but the beginning of a new problem ... Who has Jin Taejin in his power? Well, they only have one arm of the tiger left. While a traitor sneaks between the referees and Nox gives information about them.

Now the battle of Group B is presented, Gyeonsangnam-Do versus Jeollabuk-Do, the first to fight are Jegal Taek versus Jeon Jugok. This fight, which for its time meant that it would be short, was never so cruel and determined for Jegal Taek, who with his skills and his shark Charyeok managed to take down Jeong Jugok even if he barely attacked. with his magician Charyeok and his magic. Even if her housekeeper intervenes, she will only end up under Jegal's feet ... Until Han Daewi intervenes and prevents the girl from getting hurt any more. The referee pushes away the two boys who shouldn't be fighting, and although Jeon tries another attack with his last strength, it does little for Jegal's Leviathan skills.


I will tell you first that I am thrilled with the idea that we will see the changes of Jin Mori, because as the anime goes and what point they take from the Manhwa we could see an incredible transformation and maybe the first time travel. Well, as I told you before, this manhwa brings us not only people with incredible fighting skills, but also with a power that the gods have made available to mortals.

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This famous match in Seoul goes beyond finding the strongest and our dynamic trio in a quartet. We'll know the fourth member from Chapter 8, but we've seen him before and he's the young man in the jacket with a tiger on his back.

Some events from chapters 45 through 55 of the Manhwa are distributed between this episode 7 and 8. As the rivals get more powerful and the enemies get smarter ... Related to Nox who just play a part in awakening something they shouldn't. Well, the key pieces in all of this are Park Mujin and Jin Mori.

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Well, and I want to give you pointers, the fighting and context of everything in Manhwa is very detailed, as well as some very epic scenes. I want to tell you that the anime does this Manhwa justice completely. It's amazing how they manage to express anything that could be relevant. They bring life to the battles that are the most impressive of this story and the grace they show to Jin.

We notice right from the start that the fights will become more difficult and the fighters will be something from another world. Well, each of them has skills that surpass the known force. Nonetheless, Jin takes advantage of every ability he inherited from his tiger blood. I don't want to go into details that are made very clear in every episode. It's not so much about the details, but the six members, the referees and Nox, will become increasingly important.

Stay connected with this series and I invite you to stop by Manhwa, which is completely free on Webtoon. There you will find the translation up to Chapter 11, but it is updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In the English translation it is already through chapter 476 and counting. This is the same house from Tierra of God and other series that can be animated or brought to Doramas.

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This episode 6 covers chapters 45 to 55 of the Manhwa.


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