The following review of The god of high school chapters 2 and 3 It contains a spoiler. If you have already seen the chapter, please read on, otherwise you can view and return on one of the platforms. Warning, in this series you will learn how to get bananas with the flying kick.

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"Life is a battle. You have to fight to survive."


Park Mujin of the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea is present in front of the Pentagon of the United States and is greeted by the President (Tony Stark). Nevertheless, Mujin will be able to see the next round of tournament participants and end his affairs abroad.

Now the three boys are sharing the way home, along with restoring the Mira a Jim key that caused serious neck injuries, but thanks to the nanotechnology of these machines provided by the assistants. Jim was able to recover in an instant. Quick way to avoid the complaints that have caught Hans' attention, because with this technology everything is possible.

The boys split up because they want to win the tournament and their ambitions vary, as Jim wants to be the strongest and fight with growing opponents, Han wants money for a worrying purpose and Mira wants to keep the family tradition alive. But in the middle of this conversation, Mira's sword goes up in the air and this only leads to Jim being slapped by Mira. Now, together with Jim and Han, who have not left her at such a critical moment, she is looking for the sword that would be the last memory Mira has of her father.


The boys spend the night fetching Mira's katana to perform at the KORG Arena, the first preliminary tournament in Seoul, the next day. Here are the strongest of all Seoul's known arts and only those who can defeat their opponents and continue the path of the god of high school will come from here. The first to participate is the peculiar, somewhat calm and with aura of meditation in and respect for Go Gamdo, who will fight his opponents with his Tai Chi techniques.

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There is tension between Go Gamdo and this opponent with bound arms and bathing shoes. As Group A begins the first round, among them is Yoo Mira against Han Daechul, with Mira being the winner with a single move. In group B, Jin Mori is against The Beast, with Jin being the winner with his swift taekwondo moves with punches. Present Group A with Ma Miseon against her Jongjin again, with More Miseon winning with her wrestling moves. Baek Seungchul returns to Group B and takes on Yoo Sangmin. Baek is the winner with his quick one-handed movements that hold a heavy silver racket. Back in Group A, Han Daewi is presented against Yes Man, with Han Daewi the winner with the incredible power of his fists.

It's Kang Manseok's turn against Go Gamdo, and the fight between the two is fought to be as eccentric as it is attractive. Victory was secured for Gamdo in the beginning, but everything changes when Kang Linera turns his arm and way of fighting into something that is simply full of anger and passion to see his opponent suffer. His thirst and blindness to fight were so great that his low deeds came to light when he kept hurting Gamdo, breaking his arms and causing him pain that had no reason to exist. Gamdo's tai chi is worth being admired in every movement, but it wasn't enough for Kang's anger because a past full of weakness and rejection made him want to be the strongest and everyone around him asks for his life ... while he admires "his strength".

Without holding back to see such barbarism and impure taekwondo, Jin Morí appears in front of his opponent to counter his attacks on Gamdo, as it took little strength and Kang flew out of the ring. The point here is that Jin's intervention is considered a violation of the rules because he has intervened in another fight and he has to accept the consequences for her. But when these judges or talent hunters appear in the ring to contain Jin, Kang reappears from the darkness with a more evil aura than the previous one and this time she is released. But his moves, which seemed to require the effort of all the judges, were a simple triple-kick task from Jin to calm his opponent. Here comes a legend and a crucial character in this story, Park Mujin, who managed to control Jin's strength with a single movement of his left hand.

Now it will be up to Mujin and the rest of the team to decide what punishment to give to Jin ... while the boy withdraws to applause and flattery from those who have witnessed a brutal fight.


Wisdom / kingdom

The gathering of a sect-like group, the invocation of a god, the promise that the moment has come for which they have longed, the task of finding the key to accomplishing their goals, and the commitment to the will of that god fulfill. During the preliminary KORG Arena tournament in Seoul, Park Mujin and the member committee of the god of high school investigate what happened in the last battle in which Go Gamdo was completely injured, physically exhausted and exhausted mentally and was therefore excluded from the tournament. While his opponent Kang Manseok ended up in a nervous breakdown that broke him completely, he may never fight to that extent again. As Park Mujin listens to these clarifications, he ends up studying the boy's task sheet named Jin Mori, the cause of these two losses in the tournament and the grandson of the famous Jin Taejin.

We start with the eighth matchup of group A and this is represented by the fighter Ma Miseon and the young Yoo Mira. Every country has its ideals of beauty, Yoo Mira is the stereotype of delicate Korean beauty and Ma Miseon is the ideal beauty of WWD in the United States. The fight begins with threats and criminal offenses against weapons, which initially gives Miseon the advantage over Mira. Everyone in this tournament is pursuing a dream that is promised to the winner "a wish" that goes beyond what you can imagine. In this case, Miseon wants ... his own harem with tall men. Although Miseon seemed stronger than Iron and a difficult opponent, Mira manages to end this fight without her katana as she is even sharper than a sword and Yoo Mira wins the eighth round.

There is a big fight and it will be between nothing more and nothing less than the green-haired referee with glasses against Jin Mori, because if the boy who has broken the rules wants to return, he has to face the man who claims to be stronger than his comrades ... More specifically, when the blonde Jin wants to fight. With Park Mujins fruit growing for Jin Mori as an encouragement for tomorrow's struggle, the boy is further encouraged under the motto of his family "Do what you want".

An old man named Bongchim appears to be the creator of some types of fruit and vegetables that contain a certain power that cannot be absorbed by an ordinary person. Under his responsibility, Park Mujin decided to break the seal and deliver these groceries to Jin Mori, because if the boy is "authentic or not," Mujin will verify his survival when he receives this gift.

Elsewhere in Seoul, Han Daewi visits an old friend in the hospital, a friend for whom Daewi has taken on additional jobs to pay for the treatment a boy desperately needs and who ... could die without. There is simply the effort of both and Daewi's desire to attain this desire to give it to his old classmate. Will Daewi be able to help his friend about the prejudices and bad desires of low-coefficient people?

We are now starting the twelfth game of Group A with Rin as rival Han Daewi and Baek Seungchul. The fight begins with Daewi's rapid attacks, but he had not expected his rival to have studied all of the karate movements he had memorized theory that violence against nothing can lose. With precise attacks, the victory seemed undecided until Baek slid on the floor and Daewi decides to help rather than attack, which initially highlights his ethics. But if you put that aside and start the fight again, Baek will launch twelve attacks in one that would destroy Daewi's body, but memories and memories travel there.

"Life is a battle. You have to fight to survive."In this way, Daewi resumes karate lessons in memory of Seungtae's words and starts three attacks. With the first he broke off his rival Baek's attack, with the second he got him off balance and with the third he went through his defense. He would make a fourth attack, but his rival fell into third along with his theory of violence. Now Daewi feels how his whole body explodes with movements and attacks.

Now is the long awaited moment for everyone, the fight between Jin Mori and the green-haired referee. But before that, something awakened the Jin, a dragon, a vision of the cult and a darkness. Then he shows up to comply with the only fighting rule ... Shoot the referee once, then Jin quickly runs to the green-haired man before he can attack, takes off his glasses and knocks him down with a single push, one so smooth and without delay that everyone in the room was waiting with the referee ... But now the fight will take on the seriousness it deserves. In this fight, Jin quickly attacks again and knocks the referee down. However, through his rival's two moves, he loses his mind and releases a monster, a giant joker that attacks Jin. The boy defends himself, but that's not enough The other referees arrive to save him at the right time before this guillotine fails on Jin.

The result of that day, according to Park Mujin, was the win for Jin, the drop in the referee's salary with green hair and an empty stomach on the part of Jin "The Jin Taejin Tiger Cub."



First of all, I would like to say that this series managed to catch me, not only because of its resemblance to the Manhwa, but also because of its great animation and incredible opening and ending. You know that I don't criticize art in my reviews because I feel that I am unable to criticize something that is simply difficult, and that for those who do not, we do not do the efforts of others should devalue.

Now yes and without further ado I'll start. I want to tell you that one big difference, which is surprising to me, is that the nurses did the healing for the injured boys regardless of the severity of the injury, and that the healing was done with hands (from which a golden lightning flashed). ), but in the series they were boys and used modern machines.

Another big difference is that the President of the United States in Manhwa was a colored man who resembled Barack Obama since the series was created at that time. But now that we have the superhero boom and I'm specifically referring to Marvel's, the creator of the series decided that it would be nice to make a change for the animation and add a fairly popular character ... Tony Stark.

There will be differences because they screwed up something that is important to me. When Jim Moto, Han Daewi and Yoo Mira go home from the fight, the boys meet the thief-biker's friends who come to avenge their friend. The point here is that they beat up the other bikers, but one of them sets fire to one of the bikes, and Jim, who tries to protect Mira, puts his hand on her chest, but not everything stays here. The sword falls out of the sudden movement of getting up, she tries to jump into the river with the sword and Jim stops her, so she hits him. Then she stays alone in the river looking for the sword, but later Jim appears with the front of the motorcycle connected to a battery so it lights up and Han arrives with the other motorcyclists so that with the light of their vehicles and her hands, help find the sword.

I want to make it clear that the boy's past summary is so short that if you miss them, hahahahaha. First, Jim had a lot of fame in his invincible school because he didn't have a single fight or had a lost fight or that changed until this blonde in a black suit came up to him and invited him to the tournament. But Jim refuses until the blonde easily defeats him in a fight and Jim decides that entering the high school god is the only way to be stronger than everyone else (something empty at the moment).

Han, on the other hand, has a somewhat sad past because his friend or lifelong companion is hospitalized and in a fairly critical condition. When he is recruited by this man with green hair and a suit, he doesn't think about it. twice. Well, Han needs the money and he needs his friend to be healed because now he believes more in her how easy it is to heal the serious wounds of the participants in the battles of this tournament.

As for Mira, the truth is that she lived as a tender girl with exceptional strength when it comes to using her ... Well, her delicate features change to that of a constipated man in search of blood and revenge. She had a friend at school who left her when she was defending him against some bullies. It wasn't the action, but how it made this defense that frightened the boy. It is also in his hands to realize his family's tradition and that he is not dead. Even though she has a sister.

As for everything that happened in this rude fight between Go Gamdo and Kang Manseok, Manhwa sums up very well what Taekwondo is in Korea, a sport that originated in this country, and what it means to those who practice this sport exercise. Here the Manhwa also brings us the past of both fighters. On the one hand, we have Gamdo, who learned from a guru, an old man who concentrated his skills to do good while staying calm and teaching him everything. He knew a young man who was in the mood for others fight just like him. Instead, just Kang ... He was a boy who abuse family, violence in his home, humiliation from his father, and that's why he experienced getting stronger until one day a red-eyed rival from Hong Kong shows up and breaks Kang into a child, asking for his life between tears. After a great humiliation for him, a young man with a hood and a large suitcase appears to him, who offers him incredible strength and prevents Kang from committing suicide.

On the other hand, the judge responsible for being in the ring would disqualify Kang because he made a very grave mistake simply by leaving another bones thirsty to make him suffer and not in the middle in a fight. This is where Jin comes in and anyone who switches from level 6 to level 13 without warning within a second, but after giving Kang an incredible kick, he has returned to level 6 ... an act that surprised the committee and Therefore, they intervened together around Jin, one of the women in the blue hair committee tries to stop Jin with a movement, but she releases when she sees Kang returning with rage. There the blue-haired girl takes Gamdo in her arms. Jin attacks with his strong and agile kicks that cannot be seen by the human eye, leaving Kang on the ground and passed out. Here Jin goes with the committee ... Park Mujin never showed up.

This episode 2 covers chapters 8-13 of the Manhwa.


This is where I will begin to express my humble opinion on Chapter 3, a chapter that has undoubtedly been my favorite so far. What a gentleman chapter to keep us going in all the events, the agility with which they show the battles is incredible, and if you still don't know how to recreate these scenes, I invite you, Twitter to visit and watch the video about creating scenes fight ... It's admirable (something like that was done before Disney, with the dance and movement of the characters).

Anyway, I'll tell you what the differences are without further ado. First and very important, the red-haired umpire has a lot of father, they have already pulled it off him, he is the one who has made one of the big contributions from the start, and here he discovers that Jin Mori is the son of Jin Taejin. Second Park Mujin After appearing in the first chapter of the Manhwa, he shows his face again in chapter 14, in all others ... He was just traveling to visit Obama. Interesting facts about Park Mujin; He is 37 years old, measures 1.87 and is AB blood, ah and his real name is Mubong Park ... in case they wanted the dates.

The struggle for the choice of who will fight Jin was a struggle between the yellow-haired and green-haired referees ... to win the green-haired and white-haired referees simply by watching the meal. Park Mujin is part of the 6 most powerful representatives in the world. They are selected only by the presidents of their nations. In this case, Park Mujin is the most powerful representative of South Korea, a position he has held for 17 years and is considered a cultural asset. The red-haired referee and Park Mujin are more in agreement than they seem, and this is due to the past they share from training together when they were only 18 years old.

Park Mujin talks a bit more intimate to Jin about his grandfather and is not as scary as in the series. It is unbelievable that the battle of Mira is more intense in the series than in the Manhwa, because in the Manhwa the fighter gives up Miseon by only receiving a blow from Mira in the chest and decides to leave without allowing it to influence Her body. The battle of Han Daewi and Baek Seungchul is linked to a transfound, in which two people have to face their theories under the guise of their past. Daewi looking for a solution or cure for a needy friend and Baek the answer to the question of whether violent violence is more effective in resolving conflicts because the young Baek lost his father to an unknown attacker six years ago.

In battle, when Daewi decides to do his best to fight Baek, he destroys Bat, the object of Baek's father, and when he receives the third blow, the young man falls to the ground but tries to get up to try to get the fourth and fight more, only his body can't go on and the fight ends with Daewi's victory.

They would believe me if I told them that Jin's grandfather was alive, fighting the bad guys and talking to his grandson on headphones that Park Mujin gave him. Because of Jin, he decides to fight one of the referees. We know how to tell you that, but nothing that happened after the co-star's two battles is the same as the Manhwa, it couldn't be more different. Jin's grandfather is fighting in another country and, as a member, has given his grandson permission to accept the rules for returning to the tournament, considering that it is dangerous to sleep and be escorted by escorts. In the middle of the night he wakes up hungry and looks for food. He enters a room where the older man Bongchim is hanging, and Jin takes one of the fruits from his drawer instead of loosening him. The old man attacks him just to see the effectiveness of the fruit. Jin literally wakes up in the bathroom (I think that's where the anime reference comes from) and so he comes to the ring.

Another difference ... As Park Mujin fights the older bongchim, Jin fights the green-haired referee who releases the joker and Jin tries to avoid him ... Jin doesn't fall from exhaustion, but from a precise blow that hits his chest pierced because of the old bongchim's hand when Jin took the fruit that was in the drawer.

This episode 3 covers chapters 13 through 22 of the Manhwa.


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