Even in the Naruto sequel, which is released on V-Jump, several characters are in action on different fronts. In fact, not everything is played in the fight between the Konoha ninja and Otsutsuki, but other people also intervene on the board. One of them is said to have had Celebrity role in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is Koji Kashin.

After Koji Kashin found out that he is Jiraya’s clone, Created by Amado specifically to force Isshiki Otsutsuki to be reborn in jig, Boruto fans: Naruto Next Generations still saw a fight with the old master of Naruto as the protagonist in chapter 48. This time, however, he had to face Isshiki Otsutsuki with his maximum strength after being born again, and the result was not positive.

Amado already knew that The Jiraiya clone could do nothing against the true strength of the alien, but at the moment it seems that Koji Kashin hasn’t given up yet. After experiencing the effects of Isshiki Otsutsuki’s dojutsu, he was between three pillars that took his leg and arm away and slaughtered his side. Despite the dangerous and almost fatal situation, Koji Kashin manages to use the summoning technique to get into the toad’s stomach teleport safely.

The Jiraiya clone probably arrived on Mount Toads, where Naruto once trained to master hermit art. Will he be able to return to the living in this form and help his former allies in the village of the leaves?

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