An animated film titled was produced in 2017 KarmachakraAt that time it was a completely amateur production with an extremely low budget, but the breakthrough was projected on the "Delhi Comic Con" in the same year.

Since then, the makers and production team have worked hard to complete the production of this feature film. In fact, a 25-minute pilot episode was released in February of this year.

This episode revealed some details about the elements, styles, designs, and actions that the viewer can expect when the project is complete, and the staff assure that the end product will clearly have a longer duration.

Later, on July 4th, an announcement was released by one of the members of the studio behind this production: Studio Durga. The member simply asked fans for their vote through a YouTube link to help them reach the final stages of this project. If there are no delays, this film will be released between September and October this year, with production staff sending a small special before the premiere.

Cast of votes

  • Mukherjee swastika like ganga.
  • Sabyasachi Chakra Party like Dr. Roy.
  • Parno Mittra like Meghna.
  • Mir Afsar Ali like Arka.
  • Santu Mukherjee like Prof. Siddharth.
  • Anik Dutta like Ghoshal.
  • Tanusree Shankar like sushmita.
  • Swaroopa Ghosh like Madhavi.
  • Alaknanda Roy like Ms. Roy.
  • Barun Chanda like Father Gomes.

Karmachakra synopsis

The story is about an orphan girl trying to find her origins and about secrets about her past and present. It is a story of drama and mystery in a fictional contemporary India inspired by psychology, Hindu mythology and cyber technology.

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