The current Dragon Ball Super story arc is very reminiscent of the Freeza saga we saw in Dragon Ball. The parallel between the historical and current sagas was deepened in many ways by Chapter 63 of Dragon Ball Super, which was published a few days ago on MangaPlus in English and Spanish.

Here it is Merus who came into play and finished all of his skills so Goku can relax. During the fight, Merus has a clear advantage and destroys Molo's copy of the ability, a technique the villain had only acquired a few chapters ago Dragon Ball Super. But he knows that if he breaks the angelic laws and in his final speech before his complete extermination from existence, he will go away turns to Goku.

He explains to the protagonist of Dragon Ball Super that during his time in the Galactic Patrol a sense of justice was created that is different from that of an angel's impartiality. Therefore, despite what will happen to him, he felt compelled to intervene. He also warns Goku that his strength guarantees him a very stable Ultra Complete Instinct.

With Merus gone now it's all in Goku's hands. The protagonist has to hold on to the expectations of the angel, who has now finally disappeared.

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