The following review of The god of high school Chapter 5 It contains spoilers. If you have already seen the chapter, please read on. Otherwise, you can watch it on one of the platforms and come back. Warning, in this series you will learn how to get ... bananas with a flying kick.

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A look into the past shows us how complex the relationship was between Han Daewi and his friend Seungtae, a classmate and a fellow combatant, because although they were very close, these two young men responded to their differences with blows. But now the fates of both have changed, one of them is struggling to stay alive and the other is struggling against everything to find the solution, the cure for the one who may not be able to get his hands back on hold. In all of this, Daewi's anger was discharged at the young Yoo Mira, attacks full of hatred and concern seriously injured her new friend.

In the last round of Group B, Jin Mori meets Byeun Jaehee with his Taekwondo style in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu style. But in this fight, which had to be exhausting and of great struggle, it was short and determined on the part of Jin Mori, who ended everything less than expected and quickly won victory while his mind wandered on one matter and faced Daewi. Now boys and friends face a dilemma in the finals while Yoo Mira rests and waits to be released to return home. Even so, the girl, who had a wound that had not been treated before the tournament, made this even more out of control at the fists of Daewi, who held back for nothing. For Jin, what happened is unacceptable, but for Mira, it's simply the desire of someone who deserves to be in the finals, someone who gave it their all and who has their reasons for responding that way have ... the reason is someone who needs the unbelievable medicine that can cure everything.

The day of battle has come and Jin bears the wrath of what Daewi did in Mira, while Daewi only thinks of defeating Jin above all, even if it means resorting to base deeds not worthy of him. Well, in the Rin Jin he can give him as much as he can, even hold back because it's Daewi, but for the latter it's not the same and he takes out whatever he can fight and takes advantage of the minimal loss of guard from Jin off. The attacks are clear and tough, leaving no spaces or intervals. Therefore, Jin was able to achieve victory with the triple kick. Instead, he decided that his friend would keep fighting. What Jin didn't know was that Daewi would take advantage of this feeling and he would use it to exploit and attack the "Secret Art: Form of the Four Gods" attack. First position: Genbu. Second place: Suzaku ”.

This battle, in which Daewi gave everything, in another place in this spacetime, a tragedy occurred a short distance away because Seungtae, who tried to deal with nanotechnology, seemed to be over and this end was witnessed by Yoo Mira Als seeing his watch spot another patient being treated with the same technology, he decided to come closer and see ... Just to see the end of it all and the photo of Seungtae and Daewi.

The memories show a Daewi asking Park Mujin to restore his friend using nanotechnology while using the "Third Position: Byakko" technique on Jin, but since he still resists Daewi starts the last position "Seiryu", however that low blow when Jin countered it. Just as Jin gets up on the last number of the countdown, Park Mujin approaches the ring and tells Daewi that his friend Seungtae took his last breath in the hospital ... Well, there was nothing for him to do. For Daewi, the news was harder than any blows, and in those moments between understanding what he was hearing, his mind transported him back to the past where he met Seungtae, a boy who knew nothing about Daewi and still all of his Reputation. I decide to get to where he fought many alone, and I support him to get out of this plight. Not only because of this they became friends, but also because of all the lessons Seungtae taught Daewi.

"Only until we fall to the bottom do we show our true colors," wise Park Mujin said, to see how these two boys awaken their true strength. Jin suppresses his attacks and Daewi simply dodges them gracefully. But when everything indicated that this would have a sad ending and would not give more of Daewi, Yoo Mira appears in the ring to deliver Daewi a letter written by Seungtae. In this letter, his friend expressed how lucky he was to have a friend who would risk everything for him in a tournament because Park Mujin came up with the nanotechnology treatment much earlier ... But it was too late.

Here Daewi decides to start what his friend wished for him, that Daewi will fight for his dreams. So the fight continues, and Jin notices the change, a long-awaited change that upon arrival made these two boys face each other in a special and artful way to watch. Both struggled to do their best, making sure that their attacks did not seriously injure the other, but gave all their strength to the end ... Still, Jin won the fight by becoming the winner of the God of High School Seoul . Now Daewi is leaving with his two friends, a girl and a crazy boy who are ready to give anything for each of them. While a main enemy is a spectator in the shadows. Now the fight will take place internationally and a competitor from another Asian country longs for the time to face Jin.

Daewi is no longer alone Seungtae, he has friends now ... you can just rest.


Folks ... This chapter was so intense that I wouldn't know how to sum it up. I wanted to tell every detail and highlight the most important ... But everything was so important. Daewi's fight against Jin was spectacular, even though we all knew who would win based on their level, past and strength. Still, we looked forward to a fight that didn't go down. But the sad thing is to know that while Daewi was fighting, his friend took his last breath. I was impressed with how Jin held back, even though he knew he could end the fight in less than nothing, but Daewi's strength is not far behind and could even compete with Jins.

It was quite heartbreaking the moment Park Mujin walked to the ring and Daewi simply said his friend had left even though he had done the nanotech treatment before the deal was made or not, long before ... But the case von Seungtae was at a very advanced level and this modern medicine could not do much for him. Nevertheless, before he left, he left a note that Yoo Mira took into the ring at the most opportune moment, one in which Daewi lowered his guard because of the pain and in which Jin did not give everything because he read this note, Daewi found something on most needed forces. A motivating and energetic message from a Seungtae who in his prime tried to teach his friend that true friends exist and that life is there to smile at him.

This gave Daewi the motivation to face Jin in an epic battle in which two baby tigers fought each other using their best techniques (more on Daewi's side as Jin is even stronger). This fight was worth admiring and appreciating, as the two did not seriously hurt the other. In a fight, they simply showed their skills and abilities. But the result was a win for Jin in the ring, but for Daewi, Jin and Mira in life, because now these three boys are more united than ever. And how Seungtae worried and it was that his friend would be alone and not fight for his dreams ... He showed him that he has managed to achieve more than that because now he is on his way accompanied by two crazy friends who are struggling to be strong and move forward your ways. Daewi has friends.


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