A PIECE 986 and a Kozuki’s Pride: Here’s Momonosuke’s heroic reaction

Everyone fights their own fight in ONE PIECE. The protagonist Luffy fights to achieve the title of King of the Pirates together with his crew. Trafalgar Law wants to end the destruction of the smile and take full revenge on Rocinante. The samurai of Wanokuni want to restore Wanokuni to its former glory.

Momonosuke Kozuki belongs to the last category. The young son of Oden, performed twenty years in time, is the legitimate heir to the throne of the island and is now present from several arcs of ONE PIECE. Momonosuke was rescued in Dressrosa and now had to take on his responsibility.

After being kidnapped by the traitor KanjuroMomonosuke was brought to Onigashima. Although he had tried to free himself, he could not escape and was transported in the presence of Kaido and Orochi. The Shogun crucified him and is also ready to finally execute him, even if the chief usurper is later killed by Kaido.

Not even the emperor wants to go easy with the child, even if it guarantees him another chance of survival: If Momonosuke claims he is not a Kozuki, Kaido will let him go. This is how the inner struggle of the child begins, but in the end it takes courage and claims to be Momonosuke Kozuki, son of Oden and future shogun of Wanokuni. Everyone is stunned by the statement that they could have saved their life by lying.

Luffy and the others will be able to save him in the next few chapters of ONE PIECE?

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