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Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 7
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Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 7: A light that pierces the darkness ~ Like two drops of water ~

In Princess Connect! Re: Dive Chapter 7, while the ‘Gourmet Guild' and 'Forestier‘Prepare for the harvest, are alarmed by the arrival of the members of‘Elizabeth Park‘. Kokkoro, upon meeting Rima and talking to her, discovers how they were attacked. In addition to being separated from Shion during combat. Without thinking twice, Hatsune decides to go to her sister's aid. Being accompanied by Yuuki, Kokkoro, Rima and Aoi.

In the forest, Hatsune flies to see more widely in search of Shiori. But she is attacked in midair, falling far from where Yuuki and the others were. Where it fell, Hatsune manages to meet Shiori, however, she is attacked by it. When Yuuki and company manage to get to where she was, they find her down for what happened, but they manage to encourage her to meet her sister once again.

But, before going after her they are interrupted by Christina, who begins to attack them for fun. In the confrontation, Yuuki is wounded, becoming unconscious. In his dream he meets Ameth, who alerts him to Christina, as well as mentioning that he will not beat her if he does not use her power. Waking up and remembering part of his past, Yuuki releases his ‘Princess knight‘To stop Christina.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 7
© ア ニ メ 「プ リ ン セ ス コ ネ ク ト! Re: Dive」 製作 委員会

Link between sisters

One of the things I liked the most about Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 7 was the beautiful bond that Hatsune and Shiori have. Honestly, I would have loved to see more about them, especially due to the doubt I have as to whether they share a blood link or not. However, they managed to perfectly show the link that makes me think that, even if they were not sisters, but simple friends, it would not be noticed from the outside.

Maybe I did not imply myself very well, but, the truth is that I do not think I have the words to express it correctly. Perhaps a simpler way of saying it would be that they are soul sisters. They will always be together in the difficult moments of the other to support her.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 7
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During the previous episode I already had an idea that their ties would be so strong that they would follow that path. After all, while Hatsune was talking about Shiori he could feel his concern about her health, but also the warmth with which he referred to her, all because of the love he has for her.

Personally, I didn't expect to find such strong and close brotherhood ties in this anime. Well, although I already had in mind the possibility of something like this happening, the level that the development of these characters showed was unexpected.

Difference between 'super power' and 'magic'

In Princess Connect! Re: Dive - Chapter 7 hinted that there are two types of special abilities. One being known as ‘magic’, while the other being a ‘superpower’. And, to the surprise of Yuuki and company knowing that Hatsune has a 'super power', I imagine they are much more rare to "find".

This difference in powers made me once again wonder what power is ‘Princess knight‘. Unknown that increased upon hearing Christina's words as she faced a Yuuki empowered by her own power ‘Princess knight‘. Mentioning this power as not being 'magic'. But, 'Princess knight‘Is it a‘ superpower ’? So far the only character known to have ‘superpowers’ is Hatsune, however there are others that I think might be possessors as well. My suspicions are centered on two characters: Pecorine and Christina.

For the details shown in the broadcast episodes regarding Pecorine, his great power is something very curious. Although many times the effects shown in their attacks or the names of these could seem like two things, both the "super power" and the possibility that their team is "delighted". For example, both his sword and crown have shone on more than one occasion, the same occasion when the visual effect of the attack is similar to the object.

For her part, the power of Christina did seem very interesting to me. First of all there is his personality, somewhat arrogant and looking for other beings with great power. This personality makes the possibility of a ‘superpower’ make sense. After all, his ability to "pierce" objects doesn't seem like magic either.

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But, I can't guarantee anything, especially since I now have even more unknowns about power ‘Princess knight‘. That it might not even belong to either option, ‘magic’ or ‘super power’.

Princess Connect! Details Re: Dive - Chapter 7

The 'Shadow‘They are“ beings ”that I found very curious. Well, their appearance does not seem to be completely physical, perhaps a little gaseous touches, but it seems to me much more as if they were in a plasma state. Perhaps a curious combination between these last two states of matter that I mentioned. Leaving aside the matter of which it was made, the reason for its creation is something that caught my attention in the same proportion. First because of the fact that, outside of copying their target (including abilities and strength) they had their disadvantages. What I mean is that, once they took someone's place, they copied all of this, which could make them quite powerful in some cases. But being in his normal form of ‘Shadow‘They don't seem that dangerous.

The one that Ameth and Christina had ever met in the past. This event may be very important to the plot in the future. I have a feeling that we will know sooner than I expect, peculiar because of the reaction Karyl had when he learned that there was ‘Shadow‘Involved. So I am beginning to suspect Karyl's "arch" where he shows more of his past is very close.

Finally, I must accept that I have already seen the return of animation quality. Of course, when compared to the first episode there is still a dissimilarity, however, it is already almost nil. Showing again those special effects in the animation that I love. Personally, I have always believed that it is one of the points in which animation should have the most focus in a genre such as that of Fantasy. And not only that, there were also the large number of expressions that the characters made throughout the chapter, from big smiles showing happiness, to the faces of concern in more than one character.

Slowly, CygamesPictures It has been earning a place as one of my favorite animation studios.

© ア ニ メ 「プ リ ン セ ス コ ネ ク ト! Re: Dive」 製作 委員会

Incidentally, with the recent announcement that the animated adaptation of Princess Connect! Re: Dive It will run for 13 episodes, I came to understand that they will all air without any delay in streaming. However, they did not give an official announcement that the production of all these episodes was already finished, so I fear there will be a drop in quality at some point. I hope my fears never occur.

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