Pokémon: Was the second movie to permanently eliminate Ash and Team Rocket?

Pokémon it is an imposing franchise, the result of the creativity of numerous authors. Still, the series' popularity is due to its eccentric creator, Takeshi Shudo, who repeatedly tried to change the story. In particular, after the first film, the author decided to make a drastic decision.

Shudo it is a bizarre character script, to the point of conceiving the stories under the effects of alcohol and tranquilizers. Its presence in the first 5 years of the franchise was fundamental to impress on the brand a narrative line, the same that is cyclically taken up in new productions. However, in an interview released shortly before his death in 2009, he revealed that he had tried in every way to change personality in the world of Pokémon, starting from the second film entitled "Pokémon 2 - The strength of one".

In this case, he added how his initial intention was to insert more delicate themes in the film centered on Lugia than those relating to children's films, a reason that pushed him to remove some key elements, including the same Ash and the Team Rocket. In the original draft of the feature, they weren't even expected, but when Shudo showed the script to the production, they pushed him to revise it. The idea was particularly successful, since keeping their opinions in consideration allowed him to write a large part of the film without any conditions.

And you, on the other hand, would have liked to see the film with new protagonists? Tell us yours, as usual, with a comment below.

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