Tabata takes us back to the kingdom of swords in the new chapter of Black clover, now available on the website and in the Manga Plus app, Langris and Finral are ready to attack Zenon together, but will the two brothers really manage to eliminate the last of the Zogratis and the Dark Triad?

Zenon seems confident that he can fend off the two opponents without any problems. His plan is solelyGo past Langris' mana zone to be able to meet him. The two Vaudes manage to join forces and teleport behind the villain. A quick change of scene leads us to the awakening of Yuno, who suffered from the previous attack and witnesses the defeat of his companions.

Trying to kill him with space magic, which can also obliterate everything, turned out to be in vain. Such a magic spell in fact, it cannot affect a demon's heart in the least. Yuno's suffering is illustrated by memories and thoughts. His companions are dead, they are in danger, despite all his dedication and the awards he has received.

Some of the most important sequences from Yuno's life are proposed again at the final tables, and the boy, driven by the enormous willpower that has always characterized him, gets up one last time and finds himself in front of a grimoire. "I will save the captain, I will save everyone. I will be the savior of this land and I will be the magical emperor" with these words, Yuno stands up and confronts Zenon openly, in a splendid table that shows him with two grimoires, and finally presents the title of the chapter "Yuno Grinberryal".

Finally, we leave you two colored works of art dedicated to the fight against Zeno.

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