After Team 7 from the Hidden Leaf Village met and defeated Deepa and Victor from the Kara organization, they are about to face another inside of the criminal group. This time, however, the opponent is far more threatening than his teammates before Boruto: Naruto the next generations.

In the anime's final episodes, Team 7, led by Konohamaru, was severely attacked by Ao, a hero of the fourth great ninja war, who actually turned out to be one of Kara's underdogs. Exhausted from the complex battle, Boruto, Sarada and Mitsuki cannot give up their vigilance: suddenly A new enemy appears.

As the last cliffhanger of episode 186 shows, Team 7 is attacked by Kashin Koji, who was introduced as one of the Kara's most dangerous members. The antagonist has the task of recovering the mysterious vessel and not leaving any traces. He is preparing to make a clean sweep using the recall technique.

A surprise is precisely this jutsu, with which one of the toads, usually called by Naruto or Jiraiya, is evoked. It was previously revealed that Kashin Koji is kind of associated with the land of fire;; In the next episode we will discover the truth about his character

Here are spoilers and images for Boruto 187, an episode in which the protagonist's latent force will emerge. There could be more hiding behind Kashin Koji's illogical plan in Boruto.

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