There fifth season of My Hero Academia is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated novelties of this year 2021 and in anticipation of its release at the end of March, the Bones studio wowed fans with a spectacular advertising poster. However, there are several expectations behind the picture.

The first story arc of the fifth season of My Hero Academia will begin joint training between grades 1-A and 1-B of Yuei High School. The two sections You will compete with no locksand show their teachers how much they have improved since they entered hero school.

My Hero Academia 5's poster, created by character designer and animation director Yoshihiko Umakoshi, confronted, but not limited to, the academy's aspiring heroes. In an interview with Weekly Shonen Jump, Umakoshi revealed more details hidden behind the picture.

The animation director first stated that each of the young heroes did this a fundamental part in the picture. ""Of course, Deku is at the center, but each of the guys will have their own memorable moment. I wish all the young heroes had taken part in the poster, but we couldn't make it through. When we looked at the Horiksohi Sensei poster, we felt like he wished everyone was there. We hope that we also made it available to the public through us".

After all, Umakoshi did The joint training arc was sublime what we'll see in the first part of this season. ""I am looking forward to an action being triggered during the joint training between class 1-A and class 1-B. I expect the bad guys too!".

What do you think of this space? Will Section B be able to redeem his figure? We are waiting for March and we know Class 1-B from My Hero Academia. Here is the quirk of Vantablack.

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