Although Sesshoumaru plays a central role in the narrative, is the father of Towa and Setsuna and has subjugated Inuyasha and Kagome, he has so far been a completely marginal figure in Yashahime: Princess half-demon. But in the eighteenth episode of the anime, the demon finally shows up.

The episode titled "Sesshoumaru and Kirinmaru" sees the three princesses again caught in the account trap. The evil member of the Four Beasts makes fun of the protagonists, but with a hereditary ability, Towa manages to destroy the magic that blocks them and Konton with it.

However, collecting the antagonist's rainbow pearl is Riku who reveals that he intends just collect them for yourself and that he has no intention of giving it to anyone else, not even his master Kirinmaru. But the Demon King-Beast will not take this disobedience lightly.

The key event of the episode is the moment this is revealed Kirinmaru is behind the enchantment who stole Setsuna's ability to sleep. Why he did this is still a mystery, but the three princesses decide to attack the demon in order to free the twin.

However, Kirinmaru turns out to be an opponent who is completely out of reach, and as hard as they try, the three protagonists they can't even touch it;; Even Moroha's transformation into Beniyasha only makes the opponent laugh out loud. But when Towa manages incredibly to land a hit, it seems that Kirinmaru's anger hits the trio.

Only in times of need Sesshoumaru makes its debut He swings his sword against the demon king beast. The two show incredible fighting skills, but when Kirinmaru comes to a stalemate, he decides to withdraw. Before leaving, however, he reminds Inuyasha's brother that they still have to work together.

As soon as he arrived, Sesshoumaru left the battlefield without saying a wordand made his disbelieving daughters ponder what just happened. What is the secret behind Sesshoumaru and Kirinmaru?

Previously, the seventeenth episode of Yashahime had highlighted the main weaknesses of the protagonists. Setsuna's fearsome demonic form in the promo for Yashahime episode 20.

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