Warning! This review on Yahari ore no Seishun love Come on wa Machigatteiru Kan ((Oregairu 3) Chapter seven contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

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# 7 Yui Yuigahama watches until the end

Oregairu 3 Chapter seven begins with the admission of the gaming club to support Hachiman's plan. Since it doesn't seem right to get a foothold with another prom, they opt for a larger event and choose to partner with Kaihin Sougou High School. The preparations are under way and since they need support as a name for the project, they will ask for the cooperation of an association in which Hayato is at the top. Before they can meet him, Hachiman stops to chat with Yukino, but they are soon interrupted by Yui. Both have an exchange similar to a declaration of war.

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Hachiman's plans

Before we ponder the emotional background and feelings that lie between the lines, let's take a quick look at the competition and the plans that are developing. As for the preparations for Yukinon and the Student Council, we can simply say that they are adjusting the original plan to the approved standards. Although, of course, we know that this does not guarantee the success of your project. The only thing we can take for granted is that this will be beneficial when Hachiman starts his own project. After all, Hikki is carefully planning the Yukinoshita Prom to look a lot better compared to another major project.

As for Hachiman's plan, we have a clearer idea of ​​what he is doing. We made it clear earlier that Hikki has no intention of winning against Yukinon. Her plan is just a screen on which Yukinoshita's work can be recognized and accepted. Just because it's a screen doesn't mean it's an easy job. Hachiman's project must have several factors that make it feasible and feasible, but without actually being profitable.

When they find they don't know much about Proms, they move on to a more ambitious project, a joint event, and widespread participation. The point here is that this project should be an opposition to the parents and that should be clear, even if it is a job that has been scrapped, they should also think of a plan to counter any objections that may be raised.

Another point to consider is that if they want to negotiate with other schools, also to do so within the school, they need a representative, that is, the project must have a student association that supports it. Obviously, this doesn't mean that they are actually giving an endorsement, it's more of a reputation loan. A similar case occurs when working together with another high school. The rap scene likely overshadowed the target, but the news got through. Hachiman's project is about faking something, so they need other people's reputations as they are nothing by themselves. However, when they show that there are groups and institutions that offer them support, matters change. At this point, there is no doubt that Hachiman has a natural talent for exploiting weaknesses.

A moment for two

Since the episode was mostly littered with plans, let's go straight to the end of the chapter. The meeting between Hachiman and Yukino leaves many things to be interpreted and others become quite obvious. Let's move from what is obvious to what is not entirely obvious.

In the first room it must be said that Hachiman is unable to evade his own interest, although his goal is close and he absolutely needs to speak to him. He lets it happen and makes time for Yukino. At that time, it was revealed that Hikki was more interested in stealing a few minutes from Yukinon than in focusing on his work. The time they devote is not much and they cannot talk about something really important, but something is clear, the complicity between them has not changed. You can still recite silly jokes that only belong to both of you. Above all, however, it becomes clear that both long for this time together.

Aside from details, the fact that they both share a drink is somewhat significant. Recall that this is exactly Hikki's favorite drink, and on previous occasions Yukinon had shown his disapproval for consuming it so often. Even so, it was Yukino herself who bought the drink, which shows that she's still holding onto the memory of Hachiman and making up for it with these little details.

With the story being told through Hachiman, it's not surprising that we don't have that much time with Yukinon, especially when we consider that she went out of her way to create distance. Even so, there are things that reveal Yukinoshita's heart, like her slight nervousness in the presence of Hikigaya or her relief that they are still getting along pretty well. Even more important is her reluctance to part, he stops her on the pretext of coffee and she accepts it even when it is not logical.

That scene in itself doesn't have much to add to the plot of the episode. However, he talks a lot about the feelings between Hachiman and Yukinon, feelings that no one has openly explained. Since the charm of this story lies in the details, it is precisely those scenes that give more depth to the development of the story. As I mentioned above, some feelings came out in this interaction. But when I have to choose, I think the most important thing I can get out of it is the longing that has become latent between Hachiman and Yukino.

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"Do you know what my wish is?"

At the end of the chapter, let's review the arrival of Yuigahama and the conversation with Yukinon. I want to highlight something that is of paramount importance. The scene frames the three protagonists, but only Yui and Yukinon speak and come up with their solution. He called this something important as it is an accurate representation of what is happening. At this point, only Yui and Yukinon are the ones who decide everything, and neither does Hachiman listen as we see him portrayed. However, let's move on to the exchange they held.

Let's start with a reassurance, Yuigahama is no fool, she is fully aware of her situation, ergo, she knows Yukino's feelings. Make no mistake, Yui certainly suffocated to prolong her relationship with Hachiman, but deep down she knows how this will end. His "declaration of war", which we interpret from his sentence: "Your wish will not come trueIs actually his resignation.

The conclusion that Yui came to is that Yukinon want to step aside and be the one who stays with Hachiman, because for Yukinon this is Yui's wish. So Yui's sentence is her way of telling Yukinon not to step aside. But here came the interesting twist, Yukino claims that her wish may be the same as Yuigahama's. This shows that they are not on the same page.

For Yui, helping Hachiman is her final shutdown these days. What she wants to resolve are her own feelings. This confusion in your heart does not mean that you have given up your sincere desires, your friendship with the two of you. Therefore, he cannot allow Yukino's wish to get away from both of them to be granted. Because that's exactly what happens in Yukinoshita's head. If Yui and Hikki are in a relationship, she has to distance herself, otherwise everything will become complicated again. Even if she kept her wish to be with Hachiman, the same thing would happen, Yui would get hurt and she would walk away. Therefore, he renounces his feelings and thinks that the three of them may be able to have a relationship again in the future without feeling uncomfortable.

It's contradicting what I said before, but Yui and Yukinon's wish is the same. Apart from the fact that both of them go the most indirect and furthest way to achieve this. But in the end it's essentially the same thing, both want everyone to be friends.

Yukino's mistake is assuming that if she gets out of the equation, everything will work out. First of all, everything is wrong as they do not consider Hikigaya in these resolutions. While Yukino and Yui think of each other, Hikki falls out completely. This is obviously a mistake for two things: on the one hand, because he is also involved, and on the other hand, because there is no way he can go against his own wishes.

Let us be clear that the fact that one of them renounces their feelings for him does not mean that he gave his heart to the other. Even if this were the case, it would not be a real feeling and therefore the happy ending is not sought. They are clearly not expressing themselves correctly and this is causing a stir in their relationship. But it is inevitable that there will be things that we just cannot express with words, even if they are easy to say. In the end, we can only hope that we don't make mistakes in our decisions. Spoiler alert you if you are wrong.

Final comment

Oregairu 3 Chapter seven was a difficult episode to define, it certainly wasn't a transitional chapter, but it wasn't a climax either. It almost felt like a little roller coaster. A bit sharper start with the anti-prom theme, then the unimaginable happened and we saw an epic rap fight from Hachiman himself, but nothing like the end of the episode with the Yukinon x Hikigaya moment and the appearance of Yuigahama. I think we can say that those minutes of final tension were the real crowning of the episode.

Before I finish with that, I have to say that I love and frustrate the small screen appearance of Yukinon. On the one hand, I love it because every moment it appears becomes meaningful and there is a lot to analyze. At the same time, it frustrates me because a lot of character development is lost. If you are not paying attention, you can miss a lot of what you are feeling. Take for example the moment when Yui comes and tells her that she is helping Hachiman, she literally flinches. Let us understand that while it was something she expected, she wasn't ready to hear it. After all, it meant that her rival was advancing from her position as she continued to step aside.

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Anyway, these were my impressions of this chapter: What do you think of the episode? Why is no one talking about how fascinated Hachiman was when he met Yukinon and stared at her without being able to interrupt her thoughts? Did you enjoy the epic rap fight? Did you ever think we'd see something like this? In the next chapter we'll have Hayama and Haruno back, great moments come. By the way, how many noticed the play on words in the title of the project proposed by Zaimokusa? This detail with the "Saiko" is unsurpassed, on the one hand it should give the impression that it will be "extraordinary", on the other hand it is the perfect indication that you would be crazy if you chose this one. Saiko can mean "extraordinary" or "psychological" depending on how it is read.


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