Warning! This review on Yahari ore no Seishun love Come on wa Machigatteiru Kan ((Oregairu 3) Chapter eleven contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

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# 11 The warmth of feelings is carried over

Oregairu 3 Chapter 11 starts right where the previous episode ended. Hachiman receives an important lesson from Shizuka and is finally ready to end the lie in their relationship. After his ideas are clarified, Yui appears before him and, amid an indirect denial, asks for his final wish to be where he and Yukinon are together. To reconnect with Yukinoshita, Hikki brings back the fake prom, with cheap provocations he creates to get her on his side. Finally, both clarify their intentions on the way home, their relationship will last, because that is their wish.

One last lesson

Now that the star trio's relationship has finally reached a turning point, Shizuka seems to be pointing in the right direction. Thanks to Haruno's eloquence, the relationship of these three was impregnated with an extra label, and although it was easy to remove, it had to be pressed. As Shizuka pointed out, it is impossible and a waste to put a relationship or a feeling into one word. There are many ways to describe our emotions. They are complex and constantly changing. However, the more we try to express our feelings, the closer we come to a conclusion. There is no need to get stuck in the typical, especially when what we are trying to express has always been a step beyond the usual. Hiratsuka's lesson is simple but extremely powerful. Ultimately, it will depend on each of us whether we can express our feelings or not.

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""The tears did not fall ...""

While I want to say that Team Yui is dying here, I think it would be a lie since Yui's chances from last season were dead. Although this season has been a caress for the Yuilover, the truth is that they only worship a corpse.

I don't mean to be insensitive, but I invite you to take the subtitle of this section literally. Personally, I did not feel sad at the rejection Yui suffered. We've seen it for 11 episodes, and we've practically seen it in episode four that hurt. What happened in this chapter was neither sad nor tragic. Gahama-chan's love should be unrequited and the main reason is that I never express it. I have to say that indirect rejection was ideal for her situation as Yui never confessed despite her obvious desire.

After his lesson with Shizuka, Hachiman is ready to put an end to wrong. What is wrong? The labels others have put on them, the endless pretexts with which they have convinced themselves and, in general, the masquerade of not properly addressing their true desires. Before facing his greatest rival, he had to settle the situation with Gahama. It's not that he doesn't worry about her or that he ultimately isn't interested in keeping her in his life, it just happens that while he's comfortable with her, he's not himself at all . He cannot fulfill Gahama's expectations and wishes, not now and maybe not in the near future. So she has to stop expecting him.

Before complaining about Yui not expressing her love with words, however, I admit that this time the opportunity was taken from her. The moment she tried to move, she was completely blocked. Until now, Hikki has never been straight into his words, but this time he made it clear. Accepting the club's closure is normal, but he doesn't want to sever his relationship with Yukinon. Although Yui claims the relationship can be sustained, Hachiman stops this idea because the relationship he wants to have with Yukinon isn't that shallow. That was all it took Yui to understand Hikki's request, and just as she had promised to help her fulfill it, she did it as she left. In the end someone had to lose and that sad role fell to Gahama-chan.

""Give me the right to twist your life""

There is so much I could say about the final scene, Hachiman's "confession" is sure to go down in history. To be honest, everything felt terribly powerful in this situation. Both had just come out of a meeting with Yukinoshita mother. Hachiman's plan to interact with Yukinon is utter madness and everyone's reactions to his irrational behavior cannot wait. In itself the meeting with Yukinoshita's mother is not very noticeable, after all, I did not try to negotiate with her. The whole time he just wanted to corner Yukinon so that he had no choice but to help him in his madness. Once its mission was completed, the real function began.

With a clumsy start, Hachiman finally manages to put into words his desire to stay in Yukinon's life. For her part, she continues to hold on to her ideal of getting away from him and sending him to Yui. An ideal that collapses quickly when Hachiman makes it clear that she is the one who has to stay in his life, that she has always been the one he has pursued. Eventually the excuse of responsibility is discarded. Hikigaya does not pretend to take responsibility for them as an obligation as the phrase seems to show, he wants to do it because that is his wish.

When Hikigaya asks his permission to twist his life, he means that he is allowed to be by his side in the ups and downs of the future. He does not seek to change his life because he understands that it is not something that neither he nor she can choose. He talks about twisting because it is the closest thing to experiencing these changes that life brings. In return for this right, he offers her everything, and so he is committed to continuing to interact with her. He makes it clear again that what he wants to have with Yukinon is not a superficial relationship. What exactly to expect doesn't say anything, maybe because it's still too early to place a new label.

Anyway, if you ask me there is no way not to interpret this as a clear and obvious declaration of love. In other words, both have promised their lives, they will continue to stay on the edge of the abstract, but have managed to solidify feelings and emotions that bring them closer to the real.

Final comment

Oregairu 3 Chapter eleven was an episode, not an epic to follow. I would be lying if I said that as a kid I wasn't excited for the last few minutes. Although Yui's feelings are noble and I have some level of empathy for her, I just can't be happy to finally see Hachiman and Yukinon together. Like I said, it's still early days for a new label, but I have no doubt that both are meant to stay together. The good and bad that they will experience will tackle it together and that will only strengthen them.

A few reviews ago I mentioned that I am neither Team Yukinon nor Team Yui. However, I can't help but be pleased with Hachiman's final choice. Yukinon is full of flaws, but it is the best refuge for Hachiman. She can bring out her true self and most importantly, she accepts it for what it is. Yes, maybe she's complaining about him pretty rudely, but essentially she wouldn't change anything about him, and he wouldn't change anything about her.

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Anyway, these were my impressions of this chapter: What do you think of the episode? How did you feel about Yui's rejection? What is your honest opinion on Hachiman's confession? Are you ready for the end


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