Among the many series that have managed to gain a strong foothold in the imagination of a large audience over these long years, there are also the much-loved ones Hunter X Hunter, a franchise company that has attracted the attention of a very wealthy fan base since its launch.

Despite the fact that the work has divided the public more than once during its run, there are plenty of users - between readers and viewers - who continue to praise the production in every possible and imaginable way, as can be seen from Countless Cosplay and Audiences Fan art that still populates the most popular social networks.

The success achieved is still very tangible and for this reason there are many companies that continue to make thematic gadgets for the most avid collectors. Among the many are the guys from Oniri Creations, who recently unveiled a magnificent Hunter X Hunter-themed statue that we had been telling you about in the last few days, but which has now returned to stock up on more information and Details to show. As can be seen in the pictures at the end of the news, the work is characterized by great attention to detail and vision Gon and Hisoka fought an unqualified battle, a work that also exhibits a dynamic that is far from obvious, with an end result that can leave you breathless. As announced by the company, everything is already available for pre-order at a price of 557 euros (excluding shipping costs), while the release is currently planned for the fourth quarter of 2021.

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