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Chapter 7: Bright hope

The girls are taking responsibility for their student lives and are starting to get results, even Lavie. Everything was fine until the director attacked and took away 70 points because their group received the card without permission. This discourages the girls, but tiara is the beacon that should shed light on them and fill them with hope. See the presentation from Sugar bags!Tiara is thinking of starting an orchestra with the girls who first like no, then yes. After talking to them, they have it ready, all they have to do is talk to the director Chloe about it.

Chapter Opinion

I won't get tired of repeating it, I love the way they put things together and connect everything directly and indirectly, although some things like: Well, they had to get to this point somehow. That happened to me with the idea of ​​starting a tiara orchestra because they had to come to it at some point, either because they wanted to imitate tiara, because there was a lack of points or for some other reason. What we saw was the logical answer, the path they prepared for us. Maybe it's very demanding and hoping in some way Eureka, but I accept that it's okay because it doesn't lose its essence either. Another reason I save is that we are not always told "we want to be". Idols“But things are prepared and come at the right time, because before they formed the orchestra they tried to solve the problems in other ways.

Profit and lost

The chapter started well, with the right foot, hope is seen, felt, motivation is there until ... Lavie's illegal act has consequences, how did you find out? Maybe the hooded person has the answer. So they lose their 70 points after working hard. Lavie is forgiven and Tiara encourages her, but she doesn't know what to do, she still hadn't had the idea of ​​starting the orchestra. So we can say that Tiara will go through your mind later. This is an answer given by longing and despair.


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