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Chapter 9: Gradient

Sad days are gray and usually rain as seen in today's environment. Tiara had to withdraw out of obligation rather than will while the girls had to figure out what to do. Fortunately, friendship and good wishes can be felt and Ratura offered them a room in the restaurant in exchange for work, which they accept. But the parting will continue because after the tooth is removed, Rosetta meditates on Angelica and Lucifer's words entering and causing Rosetta to leave that same day. Unexpected visitors arrive, Melisa and the twins appear and chat, which prompts the girls to look for Tiara in Brystol.

Chapter Opinion

We leave the format of Idols to move on to the magical semi-school drama. This and apparently the next chapter will move on to the final resolution and the final songs. I would be too surprised if this anime didn't end well when misfortune appeared in the story. The chapter was good, within what to expect as a transitional chapter and where the final pieces are put together. While they seem to live in a world of goodness, here we saw one of the few bad deeds, the soldier threatening Rosetta. The rest of things seem to me that they turned out normally, within expectations and with no surprises, but everything is fine.


Eventually the lie is exposed, well, it wasn't a lie, it was to hide the truth. Tiara's true identity revealed: Tiara Victoria Lex Waleland, second Princess of Waleland, daughter of Queen Louise and sister of Eliza, the most famous idol Rays singer. This surprises the girls, even though they can no longer react due to the situation. Soldiers appear like that, soldiers, but indirectly they give us great information: social classes are very pronounced in the world in which they live. The one who despises Rosetta also makes us understand that she is not part of the nobility, she was just a servant of Tiara. In the end, tiara is treated at will and loses hers, albeit with the ability to regain it.

What should I do?

Alone, without a tiara, they still have to think about what to do to live, where to sleep, etc. Even though they are down, they keep a cool head for thought. The girls are in crisis, we also know little about their lives, we don't know how far away their families are or what they had to leave behind. The only one we are certain about is Rosetta, who decides to go in the words of Angelica and Lucifer. Things are not easy, especially when the possibilities and options are reduced almost to a minimum. Even Lavie shows a certain maturity and determination in the way he is. The good news is that Ratura is helping them and they can find shelter, at least temporarily.


Ratura, Nadeshiko, Emilia and even Yue are showing concern for the LIGHTS, they didn't want them to leave because somehow they see them as their friends and recognize the efforts they have made. But the one who did the most for her, or at least with those who were left, was Ratura, who was always ready to help. Ratura is like this partner who is not asked for anything but gives a lot. Nadeshiko is the other who was willing to do something when it was in itself excessive. Emilia was worried, as was Salsa and Alpha. For her part, Yue must have felt something, but she wasn't expressing it through her behavior.

Friendship decisions

A friend's departure is always difficult, we don't want to accept it without anymore. Especially when it is in a group, the absence of someone is felt in the group and it affects a lot. We will want to restore that friendship that is left in order to strive for it as if it were our love. In a way, what the girls said was one of the few sensible decisions they could make. The friendship moved her, motivated her to pursue Tiara and accompany Rosetta. What will happen now?

There are other small details like Melisa and the twins, Lavie's intelligence, Ashley's tooth that I think are relevant because they somehow advanced the plot but without much content. The chapter didn't leave much behind, but it got us to see the next one, which seems a bit adventurous.


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