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Β©γ‚ͺγƒ€γƒˆγƒ’γƒ’γƒˆγƒ»ε°ε­¦ι€¨οΌη§η«‹δΌŠζ—¦ι«˜ζ ‘

Komi-san Can't Communicate 2 - Final Chapter: White Day / 1 Year

Tadano he doubts what to give him 'white day'a comic As thanks for the chocolate, he gets his gift after doing some research and getting help from his sister. That 'white day' at school it was done a day earlier, because the next day would be a break, Tadano couldn't give him his gift comic. That's why he goes from ' to her house during the day.white day' and was met by her parents, who weren't home to go shopping. return and find Tadano waiting with his father in his room, comic He rushes to fix everything and leaves the two alone. that is when Tadano He manages to give him his gift, a cream with a little candy.

When cleaning the room Najimi convinced Tadano Y comic to play'Knock down the eraser' who have joined Yadano. The game ends with the victory of comic. However, all other companions came together and created a tournament of the game with a new confrontation between them Nakanaka, Yadano, yamai Y comicwho wins again comic.

At the end of the day there is only Tadano Y comic in the classroom. As they watched the rain comic agrees Tadano how do you feel about the graduation of the school year, which is a week away. He was sad that it all ended and remembered the moments he shared with his friends that year. Goes back into the same class as in his sophomore year of high school Tadano.

Komi-san Can't Communicate 2 - Final Chapter
Β©γ‚ͺγƒ€γƒˆγƒ’γƒ’γƒˆγƒ»ε°ε­¦ι€¨οΌη§η«‹δΌŠζ—¦ι«˜ζ ‘

A gift

That previous episode pointed to comic suffers from nervousness to give her chocolate Tadano through valentines day. This time it was my turn Tadano go through the same thing. Although he could understand a little the nervousness of giving a girl a present, I think it adds additional difficulties that they have meaning. Because of that, I was intrigued to see that Tadano I will give a candy comicalthough I had already seen what it meant.

Although the sweets were there on his sister's recommendation HitomiI think this was a solid "step" in the development of their relationship. Of course, I don't feel like it was a confession as such, not only because of the size of the candy (one and a regular size), but also because of the how Tadano Mention it. He was less nervous on this part than on the rest of the ride so far.

Komi-san Can't Communicate 2 - Final Chapter
Β©γ‚ͺγƒ€γƒˆγƒ’γƒ’γƒˆγƒ»ε°ε­¦ι€¨οΌη§η«‹δΌŠζ—¦ι«˜ζ ‘

On the other hand, something that involved the delivery of the gift as such was what it was Tadano I had to go home comic because he couldn't give it to her at school. Once you arrive, you face adversity. From the determination to give him the gift face to face and not leaving it in the mailbox or giving it to his mother, to confronting the playful personality of Shōko and even a quiet and intimidating father. Which of course he told his mission to visit that day.

Meeting someone else's parents will always have its difficulties, but in this situation I felt that it wasn't a friendship but that of an admirer. After all, Tadano was there to respond to the gift of valentines day.

efforts of a year

As the first half of the episode relates to 'white day”, the second was a little more melancholic and sentimental, emphasizing the closeness to the end of the school year and, with it, the possibility of changing classes and parting with friends. Something I wasn't allowed to experience, but could feel comic. Both his sadness at the possibility of being separated from his friends and his fear of starting over in a new class with no one he knew. Which has an even greater impact on someone with communication syndrome.

That's why I found the scene in which they remember everything they experienced that year very emotional. agree with everything Tadano Mentions, especially the relationship between yamai Y Nakanakathe love hate that you have

Β©γ‚ͺγƒ€γƒˆγƒ’γƒ’γƒˆγƒ»ε°ε­¦ι€¨οΌη§η«‹δΌŠζ—¦ι«˜ζ ‘

The following scene along with the ending music is something I was already expecting from the moment this song came out. However, with emotions boiling up from reliving memories that were not too long ago Komi-san cannot communicate 2 – Final chapter, I can't deny the reunion Tadano and the words spoken by comic they finished my move hoping to see them together again soon.

In addition to new character cameos arriving with the new year. But the one in particular, the black cat, that I've always considered was in some ways a representation of comicShe will meet a new cat. Something I immediately assimilated as representing the expected arrival of my best friend comic.

Komi-san cannot give 2 final opinion

Although the animation quality has gone down a lot in recent episodes, Komi-san cannot communicate 2 – I found the final chapter to be of excellent quality. The one that I liked the most in this aspect of the whole season. With high-quality scenarios and characters, as well as smooth movements during the rubber game tournament. A game I've never played but that made me want to try it when I saw the whole room coming together to do it.

The characters have been further developed in this second season. Being obvious comic the one who had the best development counted his approach Katou Y sasaki which caused her to be more open about her feelings. Not only the romantics are interested in it Tadano, but also that it was a situation that she had to face alone and that showed the trust she had gained over time and her experiences with her other friends. Other characters also had their development, but since they are mainly secondary, they are not given that much importance, for example the case of satou. It seemed to me that he had come a long way in realizing that he can also ask others for help, but I felt that he was being left in the background.

Komi-san Can't Communicate 2 - Final Chapter
Β©γ‚ͺγƒ€γƒˆγƒ’γƒ’γƒˆγƒ»ε°ε­¦ι€¨οΌη§η«‹δΌŠζ—¦ι«˜ζ ‘

Say that the animation of Komi-san cannot communicate 2 was pretty good on average (with ups and downs) and that for me they managed to get the development of the different characters (whether main or secondary) right, along with the great quality of the music and the beginning and ending. My rating for this second season is 9/10. Of course I think there were moments that could have been improved. As well as the ones that I don't think are the best anime show on the 'Spring Season 2022'. Generally not my favorite anime.

However, the adaptation of what was shown in the season lived up to my expectations of the season quite well, in my opinion. So I hope to see Komi in the future as well, be it in a new season, a movie or even in OVAs/ONAs. After all, there is still a lot of history to tell and more friends to meet.

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