Not everyone is aware of this Sword Art Online It wasn't born as an anime, but as a light novel, or rather an illustrated novel by Reki Kawahara and illustrator ABEC. But how much exactly did the original work by the two authors sell? The latest reports speak of impressive figures.

The anime project Sword Art Online stopped Alicization saga and given the current pace of work, we cannot expect Unital Ring to be implemented before 2023. In order not to leave the large community without a title inspired by the franchise, A-1 Pictures began work on a series of films to adapt the novel spin-off SAO: Progressive, which chronicles the exploits of Asuna and Kirito in the first video game world.

In any case, in the last few hours the data on the number of copies of the jewel in circulation in the world by Kawahara Sensei and ABEC has leaked. We are actually talking about Ben at the moment 30 million copies worldwide, an impressive figure for a light novel. In this context, just remember that the duo have published 26 volumes so far, so we're talking an average of over a million copies sold per issue.

And you, what do you think of the success of the saga instead? As usual, please let us know by leaving a comment in the appropriate box below.

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