This review about Komi-san wa cannot communicate 2 contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen the chapters, we encourage you to do so and then come back to read the review.


Komi-san Cannot Communicate 2 – Chapter 9: Free Time

On the second day of the school trip, everyone has free time so that they can go anywhere in their predetermined group. comic, Katou Y sasaki They hadn’t thought of a plan to know where to go that day. Nevertheless, Katou he did one at the last minute, with a pretty tight schedule to visit all the locations.

Leave Kyoto towards osaka go to the amusement parkUtopia Road Japan“. Spend some time before heading to the next place to eat Takoyaki. They then went to Big Buddha of Nara, where they took the opportunity to feed deer. End your journey in the village futokamiWhere comicdressed in OgeishaShe ends up at a venue show and is “rescued” by a masked schoolgirl. Hanna and two yo-yos.

During the entire transport time, the girls had talked to get to know each other better. in the inn, Katou tried that sasaki confess that she was the mysterious one Hanna from futokamimentioned his dream of turning pro Shogiwhich along with the words of comic born to thank him Hannah YY.

At night, turn off the light, the conversation comic, Katou Y saksaki turns into a love talk. While Katou mentions a certain interest in catai Y sasaki no one cares the question comic makes him embarrassed to accept that he’s interested in a boy whose name starts with ‘H‘.

At the end of the class trip, on his return, comic falls asleep so they take the opportunity to call Tadano and whoever sits next to her will be Katou the one who sits in the place of TadanoNext catai. When comic She was leaning against his shoulder, awake. Tadanoso that after a few moments they started talking about their journey.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate 2 - Chapter 9

A great friendship

As already shown in the previous episode, Komi-san cannot communicate 2 – Chapter 9 had the active participation of Mikuni Katou Y Ayami Sasaki. groupmates of comic on the school trip and her new friends. I must confess an event that I really liked because it didn’t happen this time Tadano of the intermediary, however comic managed to keep a very good rhythm in the talks. Also thanks to the help of Katou Y sasaki.

Mikuni Katouthe girl with glasses who wants to go pro Shogi. I like his character aesthetically, with particular emphasis on his look with glasses and two pigtails. While his calm and calculating personality appealed to me. Of course, it has an admirable determination. I thought he was a great character, with his own “past”, he gives better female friendship support comic. Although I think his friendship with sasaki is much older.

Fumiko Uchimura is the seiyu from Katou. He has also provided voice to characters such as the following: Mavis of Austien (“noukin“), Devil (“Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu“), Garou Ezil (“Cheat Kusushi no Slow Life: Isekai ni Tsukuro Drugstore“), Kudd (“Mahoutsukai Reimeiki“), among other.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate 2 - Chapter 9

For his part Ayami Sasaki I found she had a much more “active” personality in a somewhat “heroic” way and being the kind that helped push her friends forward, albeit at times unnecessarily, she was my favorite of the two newcomers. With an appearance that makes me look like a normal student but with very slight hints of ‘Perpetrator‘Y’gyaru‘, not enough to stick with either group, but enough to see them represented in it. Especially after seeing the flash back his past to create a stronger character.

sasaki Has Minami Takahashi like you seiyuwho also worked on the characters: Shia Haulia (“Arifureta“), Quetzalcoatl (“Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon“), Baltimore (“Azur Lane: Bisoku Zenshin“), megumi tadokoro (“Shokugeki no Souma“), Eleven Yamada (“Eromanga sensei“), among many others.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate 2 - Chapter 9

I really liked the introduction sasaki Y Katou to encourage development comic. Although she doesn’t play the role of “best friends” from comicThey give another feminine support to the protagonist on whom she mainly relied a mine Y Otori In this aspect. In addition, thanks to them, Komi began to advance not only in their friendship relationships, but also to recognize the sentimental ones.

A moment that changes everything

in the Komi-san cannot communicate 2 – Chapter 9 I feel like there was more than one pivotal moment in the development of comic. Although it is still early to see a clear path for this development, at least the route is already open and confirmed.

One of those moments, of course, is when comic, in conversation about love, hear how to know if she is interested in someone and get a description of the emotions you feel in the moments when you are together or think about that special person. With a name starting with ‘H‘ I think it’s obvious who it is.

Well, I also think there is another important moment in this chapter. When comicAsleep, she leans on her shoulder Tadano. To be honest, all I could do was scream at this point fan girl I had just seen her’Ships‘ done. to be in the skin of Tadano, my mind would have gone blank as if time had stopped or wanted to. As if nobody else was there. I could even feel my pulse racing just imagining being in his situation.

Although this point was unconscious on the part of a sleeper comicthe reaction upon awakening as well as that of Tadano They help confirm that your “friendship” is already developing. Gradually, but it works. Foresee comic To take care of Tadano and holds her hand.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate 2 - Chapter 9

I can’t wait to see how their relationship develops. Although this will not happen in the remaining episodes of Komi-san cannot communicate 2. So I’m euphorically waiting for the announcement of a third season.

Technical details in Komi-san Can’t Communicate 2 – Chapter 9

To be honest, this second season of “Komi-san cannot communicate“I thought it had good animation quality. I’ve had a few moments when I seemed to have lost weight. However, there was more than one moment in this episode where I felt that the quality of the drawing was too simplistic, much more so than if it had been done to depict a comical situation.

The main moment of this “detail” is during the scene of comic, Katou Y sasaki meal Takoyaki. With me from the start Katou picking up the food in an action that seems skipped to me frameeven if you pass them to comic Y sasaki. It seemed to me that the characters were not properly proportioned, with smaller hands and sometimes a slightly different size than what they were shown.

However, just like those moments, I saw them with a lower quality compared to other chapters. I also have to admit that I liked the detail and movement of the scene Hannah YY shows his tricks with the yoyo.


As always, this is my perception of the animation, so it may not match many others’. But I don’t think “losing quality” means crucifying anime any more than the opposite is launching rockets. In the end it would be in perfect balance as everything should be. Of course, I personally prefer consistent quality, sometimes when it’s good, sometimes when it’s not.

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