Bleach was featured in Weekly Shonen Jump for 15 years, from 2001 to 2016. Over 700 chapters and more than 70 volumes, with Tite Kubo putting almost all of her energy into the ending of Ichigo Kurosaki's story. The mangaka recently worked on Burn the Witch, but the main work always remains bleaching.

Therefore, public attention is heavily focused on the mysteries behind the bleach production. While the new series is being created, which will focus on the Millennial War saga - which ended the manga between 2012 and 2016 - the mangaka has started a Q&A with his audience.

He was asked What was the hardest part to draw in Bleach, and Tite Kubo gave a very surprising answer. While mentioning some intricate and unique designs, he then went into the creation of the female characters' large breasts. "If we talk about the elements of the characters, the drawing of the Big boobs are always difficult"An answer that certainly crowds out, while the comment on Szayelaporro's full form and the difficulty of achieving it is not surprising.

Then, also during this session, he revealed the future of some Bleach Bankai.

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