Often times, the credibility of an author, as well as that of a famous person, is severely tested due to the bad weather of their personal life. The father of kingdomHe recently faced a dusty controversy after the news appeared on the pages of a Japanese newspaper.

While the animated adaptation of Kingom was resumed in the third season, Hara Sensei continues the publication of her manga undisturbed after a few weeks break due to the new corona virus and is very popular. Over the course of his career, the author has won numerous awards at the expense of titles such as ONE PIECE and The Attack of the Giants, a symptom of a particularly flourishing success in Japan. The paper counterpart of the same name as the anime collects annually large number of copies sold.

In the last few days, however Yasuhisa Hara He faced new controversy after a Japanese magazine revealed on news that the Sensei's new crush is younger than him. In fact, Kingom's father has been inundated with similar rumors since March when he divorced his ex-wife. To end all questions on the matter, Hara has published a statement in the past few hours apologizing to all readers and his colleagues for bothering them with the rumors that have been circulating about him.

Fans immediately mobilized to his rescue through his Twitter profile, expressing their support for the Sensei's troubles. What do you think of this situation? Let us know with a comment below.

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