What powers do fans from Dragon Ball to ONE PIECE want in reality?

Like the works of fantasy Dragon Ball and ONE PIECE They have a strong creative component on their side, born from the imagination of their writers who have brought numerous forces into the franchise, all of which are different from one another. Who knows how many of you have always wanted just one of these wonderful skills?

Raise your hand whenever you have tried at least once in your life to mimic the teleportation gesture in hopes of escaping an awkward situation. If it happened at least once, you will know that there are several fans in Japan who have wished that too. As part of a survey edited by Baidu Ha company for Simeji applicationFans were asked to vote on which forces would most like to exist in real life.

In tenth place, fans opted for teleportation, one of the legendary moves of Goku and recently Vegeta. The remaining ranking, which affects several Shonen works, follows:

  1. The bag of Doraemon;;
  2. Saiki Kusuo no Psi-Nan's psychic abilities;
  3. Luffy's Gom Gom Fruit;
  4. Tanjiro's water breath;
  5. The breath of the Shinobu insect;
  6. Todoroki's quirk in My Hero Academia;
  7. Tanjiro's sense of smell;
  8. Zenitsus hearing;
  9. The lightning, also from Zenitsu Demon Hunter;;
  10. The teleportation of Dragon ball;;

What powers would you like to have in reality? Let us know with a comment below.

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