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This rating on Kanojo Okarishimasu Chapter two contains spoilers. If you don't want to have a bad time, watch this episode better and enjoy this review.

ยฉ ๅฎฎ ๅณถ ็คผ ๅ ใƒป ่ฌ› ่ซ‡ ็คพ ๏ผ ใ€Œๅฝผๅฅณ ใ€ ใŠ ๅ€Ÿ ใ‚Š ใ— ใพ ใ™ใ€ ใ€่ฃฝไฝœ ่ฃฝไฝœ

Kanojo Okarishimasu

Chapter two: ex-girlfriend

Meeting at the university wasn't enough, after making sure Chizuru had more in common with our protagonist to be neighbors was the icing on the cake. Although Chizuru doesn't look as bright in life as on the rental property, Kazuya can't help but be intimidated by her. This young man is a clear example that it is impossible to stop telling a lie, especially if you are a coward. These two continue the wrong relationship they invented before their grandmothers. Worse, Mommy and her friends were deceived too. There is nothing worse than an ex-girlfriend who is jealous of the current. Mom's invitation to my house left me speechless.


Kazuya may be silly enough to maintain a wrong relationship, but he has an amazing ability to get out of the mess of his lies. The high expectations of his low family are a typical stereotype of what a man should be, and his terrible handling of it has made Kazuya a coward with low self-esteem. Virginity is the least of his problems. However, the constant criticism of his friends and the pressure he feels for it lead to a premature and insecure young man.

ยฉ ๅฎฎ ๅณถ ็คผ ๅ ใƒป ่ฌ› ่ซ‡ ็คพ ๏ผ ใ€Œๅฝผๅฅณ ใ€ ใŠ ๅ€Ÿ ใ‚Š ใ— ใพ ใ™ใ€ ใ€่ฃฝไฝœ ่ฃฝไฝœ

The lies keep growing and we only have two chapters. The chain of actions is predictable. Still, an in-character review can make this comedy more entertaining and less banal. Chizuru is connected to Kazuya thanks to all the entanglements he causes every time he chooses to open his mouth or not to disappoint his grandmother. Hoaxes not only serve to bring you into harmony with your surroundings, but also help you to get an appearance about yourself. Kazuya's only real problem is his lack of self-awareness. It was labeled according to the moods of his grandmother, friends and the spirit of his ex.

Chizuru did a futile job defending Kazuya against his ex's lousy comments. Obviously, these comments served their purpose, obviously, but beyond that, the truth shows our protagonist's pathetic personality. Meeting the standards, whatever it is, is absurd and futile. In love relationships there are usually two parts, an active and a passive. The active enforces his expectations and wants to transform the other according to his criteria, while the other is manipulated until he is unknown. The fine line between walking side by side, helping yourself to improve, and changing and imposing yourself is limited by knowing yourself and others. What we call love is nothing more than knowledge and acceptance.

ยฉ ๅฎฎ ๅณถ ็คผ ๅ ใƒป ่ฌ› ่ซ‡ ็คพ ๏ผ ใ€Œๅฝผๅฅณ ใ€ ใŠ ๅ€Ÿ ใ‚Š ใ— ใพ ใ™ใ€ ใ€่ฃฝไฝœ ่ฃฝไฝœ

Kanojo Okarishimasu's final conclusions

Kanojo Okarishimasu is a clichรฉ story that on the surface has nothing profound or innovative to offer. The criticism we can make on the development of the characters is pretty premature on everything and it's a predictable story. I always insist that there are different ways to criticize the content on the screen. These depend on the genre and the object of the content. I usually read negative comments about this kind of anime. It annoys the public about the boring and boring stories we come across. It must be clear that the content is designed for different target groups and infinite tastes and circumstances.

ยฉ ๅฎฎ ๅณถ ็คผ ๅ ใƒป ่ฌ› ่ซ‡ ็คพ ๏ผ ใ€Œๅฝผๅฅณ ใ€ ใŠ ๅ€Ÿ ใ‚Š ใ— ใพ ใ™ใ€ ใ€่ฃฝไฝœ ่ฃฝไฝœ

The purpose of the comedy is not to mimick the difficulties of human life, but to make everything miserable that it can be ridiculous. The pathetic nature of one character and the manipulation of another is an unimportant fact in the comedy that annoys a moment of good humor and creates it at the same time. Comedy is a genre we turn to when we want to turn the lowest of humanity into entertainment. Kanojo Okarishimasu It is a comedy, as such it fulfills its function and so far I can say in two chapters that it is an anime that has managed to sell us a typical story.


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