This review on Hanyo no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogizoushi contains spoilers. If you haven't seen this chapterWe encourage you to do this and then read again review.

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Chapter 2: "The Three Princesses"

In this second installment of Hanyou no yashahimeTowa Higurashi entered the 21st century through the Tree of Centuries and separated from her beloved twin sister. There she is adopted by her family and tries to deal with her superhuman strength, resulting in constant fights. One day the bullies kidnap his adoptive sister Mei, grandmother and great-grandfather. Immediately after the battle, the Tree of Ages reconnects with the past.

In the past, Setsuna is a demon hunter who fights alongside her own. During a mission he gets into a fight with the strange half-demon Moroha. The Yokai who they wanted to fight with and he manages to pull a glowing pearl from one of Setsuna's eyes. Then he fights with Moroha and steals a pearl with powers that it also possesses. He Yokai that infected the Tree of Ages is activated and opens a portal that launches them into the 21st century. Towa recognizes Setsuna there.

Analysis: mirroring and changing, connected stories

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Hanyo no Yashahime breaks new ground following the legacy of its predecessor. The first part of this series built direct bridges to manifestation Inuyasha, both in form and in content. The litmus test now begins with this chapter.

In this sense, we observe this drive between inheritance and innovation, especially at the roots of the action. There is a mirror relationship between the two:

  • Shikon pearl against "rainbow" pearls.
  • The bridges between the 21st century and the Middle Ages with protagonists in both worlds.
  • Winks at the beginning of the series. Inuyasha starts with Yokai "Centipede Woman" crosses time and searches for the Shikon pearl. Likewise, the temporary disruption is caused by the attack by the "three-eyed centipede".

All of this, along with other elements already described, lead us to posit the purpose of Hanyo no Yashahime;; Perhaps more of a respectful project designed to honor the classic than an ambitious open space for a new narrative. However, it is still too early to establish a solid theory. Personally, I prefer shyness and a nod over a script that breaks with all of the above.

Towa, wonderful and strong

Towa Higurashi, however, takes on its own personality together with the other two protagonists and spoils the character we cannot despise. Innovation is brewing in the heart of the new era, the generation of the daughters of these heroes.

On the whole, Setsuna and Moroha are introduced a bit in this chapter, but their main protagonist is Towa. She is wonderful, strong, complex and in control. She is unwilling to give in to stereotypes and boundaries between men and women because she is able to show all her strength and tenderly love her adoptive family. Towa has a sword for the enemy and tears for her beloved sister Setsuna. It's just beautiful inside and out and the most interesting thing is that it contrasts with the personality of Seshomaru and Rin? Towa is just Towa, a mirror of no one but yourself.

Above all, I find the development of a half-demon in the 21st century fascinating and fascinating.

Chapter 3: "The Butterfly of Dreams"

Hanyo no Yashahime Premiere of its third episode with the attack of the three-eyed centipede. In the 21st century, Towa faces the Yokai;; his sword breaks, but the demonic power within him creates a new sword. During the fight, Towa's right eye discovers the last of the so-called "rainbow pearls" that the three girls have. Eventually Sestsuna kills the creature.

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However, he immediately begins a fight with Towa, who is obsessed with the Yokai "Hitokon". This passes over to Mei and in order to beat him without a problem, Sestsuna puts Towa and her family to sleep. The three girls are taken into the house of the Higurashi family. There Setsuna realizes that she has no memories and Moroha tells her that the butterfly of dreams must have stolen her.

Analysis: A spectacular triad

In this third broadcast of Hanyo no YashahimeWe can already point out with certainty that three protagonists were created with an enriched and fascinating personality. Without a doubt, the big surprise of this chapter is Moroha, which shows a huge dose of nuances and a very peculiar (and great) sense of humor. For her part, Setsuna also becomes a bit independent of Seshomaru's character by showing her human conflicts.

In short, not only are they their parents' mirror, but they also manage to be round characters with internal struggles. This is not at the expense of Inuyasha, Kagome and Seshomaru's memories as they pass into these new personalities and reinforce the anagnorisis (the moment of recognition). And it is that Kagome's mother not only sees her daughter's eyes in Moroha, but the viewers are delighted with the similarities and news.

Moroha, funny and cunning

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Without a doubt, many of us will agree that Moroha is just great in every way. She's sociable, funny, and innocent, but she's also key to uncovering many of the questions we fans devour these days. It is clear that he is extremely intelligent, that he anticipates the circumstances and jokingly suggests solutions. It is also evident that she was raised by someone who taught her about medicinal herbs and poisons. Yokaiand priestess powers. He also seems to know something about rainbow pearls.

Will be a mistake ...

It would be a very serious mistake Hanyo no Yashahime Include the beautiful story of Sesshomaru. Kaede's theory would ruin the whole spiritual breakthrough about compassion and love that our beloved had experienced. Yokai. Without a doubt, the character that joined Inuyasha He wouldn't leave his daughters to kill each other, so I understand it will be a resource to add to the intrigue.

There are huge doubts about the whereabouts of the characters in the previous saga; and although we understand that they must be fuzzy in order to bear testimony to their daughters, the total ignorance creates a strange void.

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I have to argue that every comparison I read from Hanyo no Yashahime With Boruto I am awakened by the fierce instinct of the fan. The parable hurts me. It is unsightly at every point, because from minute zero you can see what it is Boruto and the drama of "Dad ignores me“And that has nothing to do with this very careful project.

In total, Hanyo no Yashahime presents us with three strong, independent and smart girls in the midst of a sea of ​​questions and pieces about their parents and why they are alone.


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