ONE PIECE 992: Kaido and the new samurai technique

ONE PIECE returns after a pause two weeks from the last chapter due to health problems of the author Eiichiro Oda. Let's find out Chapter 992 of ONE PIECE and the new samurai technique together.

In the previous chapter of ONE PIECE, we left the Straw Hat crew and their allied samurai in the middle of the battle of Onigashima to defeat the emperors Grandmother is Kaido. Especially at the end of the chapter, we could see how easily Jack was defeated Red sheaths, the faithful samurai in the service of Kozuki Odesand see how Kaido hits the latter.

On these new pages we finally see the vassals of Oden clash with the emperor in the form of a dragon and through the 2 swords in oden style and the technology Paradise TotsukaOpen the wound that the previous Wano Shogun had inflicted on him 20 years earlier.

A chapter that became very much appreciated for the fights that were not fully shown in the series for a long time, especially after the aforementioned Jack defeat, of which we could only see the result. After this chapter, several fans wondered whether Kaido was actually weaker than it seems or, conversely, whether it is the strength of the Red Foders, which has so far been underestimated. What do you think about it?

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