This review on Hanyo no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogizoushi contains spoiler. If you haven't seen this chapterWe encourage you to do this and then go back to read those review.

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Chapter 1: "Inuyasha: Since Then"

Hanyo no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogizoushi In its first episode, it tells us about a crucial adventure of Inuyasha and his society that will influence the events of the new saga.

In the present day, Towa Higurashi is a semi-demonic girl who was captured by a nobleman. He and his servant want to know about the future because they are convinced that the young woman has traveled through time. To convince her, the servant tells her how a priestess named Kagome, also a time traveler, defeated the demon "Roothead" with the demigod Inuyasha. The entire cast of characters from the previous saga appears in the story and we know a little more about their lives after the destruction of the Pearl of Shikon. However, one of the demon's roots escapes.

Back in the present, Moroha and Setsuna stormed in, two half-demonic girls traveling with Towa. You defeat all guards and Moroha smells the servant and recognizes him immediately. It's a hostile ayakashi, Yotsume, who escapes transformed into an owl.

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Inuyasha dealing with the origin

Still, when you hear the beginning of an old melody - "I want to change the world ...“- my heart trembles like a leaf. Hence, it will be impossible for me to address these reviews with the usual distance. I won't be able to use the plural of courtesy and hardly the third person because Inuyasha It got tangled up in my youth and it's a series with deep meaning.

Now available at NetflixThose of us who saw them in this phase between child and adult, when so many ideas and emotions came up, learned about resentment, love, pain and self-improvement with all of their characters. For me, it's evenings of unforgettable charm, with the honey of the daily chapters on my lips that awaken my longing for dreams, my passion for good stories, my imagination. Inuyasha It taught me to love fiction deeply, it helped me understand my personality and enrich the world of emotions.

It also takes the merit of bringing a whole generation closer to the universe of Yokais (the demons of Japanese folklore) and the Japanese Middle Ages with an original concept. At the risk of being cooked alive by lovers of Ranma½is the best work of Rumiko Takahashi, without doubt.

It is an important project because it gathers all the scenes in life. As soon as the 21st century humor emerges, it introduces you to the harshness of this time. The human violence of the greedy nobles and bandits is mixed with the fear of supernatural beings and the poverty of the peasants. The boundaries between history and mythology are broken and create a unique backdrop.

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Even at the borders of time and the fantastic, love arises and vibrates, floats through tragedy and hatred, creates complex and wonderful characters. (Kikyo alone would give for a book review).

Enter the universe of Inuyasha

The animation offers a spectacular soundtrack and divides the story into two phases of the studio due to various circumstances sunrise. The classic with 167 episodes and a final addition of 26 chapters at the end of the story (Inuyasha Kanketsu Hen). It also has 4 very successful films.

According to the demands of the time, we will notice the filling and the slowness as the story progresses in the classic version. In the 2009 chapters, on the contrary, speed is a sin; However, the graphics improve and give the saga an excellent ending that stays true to the manga. Despite the flaws and getting used to modern formats, if we are patient, history will tangle up in us ... And of course it will be important to capture the charm of Hanyo no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogizoushi.

The story of the fathers and the inheritance of the daughters

We start from one story to the next that has chosen to be the worthy fruit of its predecessor. Rumiko Takahashi He designed the characters, a crucial fact that paid off. Although it's too early to ensure the success of the new saga, the first chapter is more than satisfactory.

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The approach is flawless. The narrative framework has chosen a in medias res (the story has already started); In my opinion the best choice given the plot. So history would like to tell us that these three half demon girls are destined to form a unique and lovable group of adventures. We are familiar with the camaraderie and joy of the group from the start.

On the other hand, this first episode is a letter of intent: Hanyo no Yashahime It will be the unique story of the daughters of our beloved heroes, and at the same time, if it captures their traces, it will pay tribute to their heritage. Thus, the care taken in designing the new era is evident without cutting the roots of the classic.

Why tell more about Inuyasha?

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In body and soul, Hanyo no Yashahime accept that it is the legacy of Inuyasha. At the moment he has struck a balance between the original and the previous saga that is to be commended. On the body, it continues the original soundtrack, constantly nodding to the previous format, and wowing fans with simple details (like the fun entrance scene with a bike).

In the soul he tells us in his first episode the origin of the saga and brings us back to the life of the characters of Inuyasha after Naraku's defeat. I think telling more about the previous series is a controversial turning point, no matter how hard it tries to explain the source of the problem. Personally, I take it as a gift to the fans, but also as a wish to combine both series from the start.

Nostalgia is a powerful game, Sango and Miroku's daughters are beautiful, I was even happy to see Jaken again! and interesting ideas are discussed. Insistence on the kikyo theme can only be excused by envisioning its role in the previous series. It's a closed cycle that they resume for no real reason, but it at least serves to underline Kagome's confidence and growth. In addition, he is able to endure an entire chapter without screaming hundreds of times.Inuyasha! "and he hits all the arrows, the change is appreciated.

In short, it is a presentation chapter of the new era and a general look back at all of prehistory. a gift for the fans, a recap for the clueless.

Other keys from Hanyo no Yashahime

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The adventures of three human and demonic princesses begin simultaneously, two sisters and a third, her cousin. In the meantime, Sesshomaru fans are pulling their hair off and wondering whether or not Rin is the mom (the truth is that there are some gaps in time between the two stories and they won't be resolved until they move forward Hanyo no Yashahime).

In a few lines of content and design, I can guess the great characterization of the three protagonists: Moroha is the living character of her father, as is Setsuna in Sesshomaru. However, Towa seems to me to be original in character and design. I have an intuition that he will be the most complex and accomplished character in the new saga.

To the last, sunrise seems to have taken care and effort to achieve pretty good aesthetics and drawings without breaking with the line from Rumiko Takahashi. The opening and the ending are also a remarkable work and keep the spirit of the classic. In fact, the ending has a number of very good pictures with backgrounds depicting the character of each and every one of them.


To all of you who are not immersed in the universe of InuyashaI encourage you to patiently know and love an anime that has shaped an entire generation and that has contributed so much to the history of manga and anime. It's worth it and it's the intent of Hanyo no Yashahime: Sengoku no Otogizoushi, do not detach from your inheritance.

Despite the open conflict between fans over this new story, the first episode leaves us with intrigue and good taste. There is a great approach and a staging in which the duality between the roots of Inuyasha and the original plot.

While the first chapter seems like an expansion for most of the story of Inuyasha and it can generate different opinions, I see it as a success. It's a loving nod to the fans, an explanation of the distant origin, and a recap for the unsuspecting. Let's be patient because the second installment promises not to leave us indifferent. (I climb the walls of intrigue!)


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