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This review on Hanyo no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogizoushi contains spoiler. If you haven't seen this chapterWe encourage you to do this and then go back to read those review.

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Chapter 5: "Jakotsumaru of the Palace of the Red Bones"

Hanyo no Yashahime starts its fifth show with the first adventures of the three half-demon princesses in feudal Japan. Moroha goes back to sell the remains of the Yokais beaten to the merchant with whom he owes, Jyubei. This advises him to finally defeat the demon Tokotsu, who has been beheaded, and to ask his assistant Takechiyo, who is watching him.

In the village, the sisters search for the dream butterfly without success, and Setsuna takes a job against a bone-eating demon, Jakotsumaru. Fate unites the three girls when Jakotsumaru collects people's bones to reanimate Tokotsu, his father, from the head that Moroha did not destroy. This is also one of the four servants of Kirinmaru.

Finally, the three girls manage to defeat both demons. Moroha discovers her transformation into the demon Beniyasha when she paints her lips with a family heirloom. After a minute, she falls from exhaustion.

Analysis: An ideal rhythm tailored to the story

Hanyo no Yashahime He stays true to the line drawn in the first chapters and as soon as the idea is established, the adventures begin, they enrich his universe. From the start, the series has shown that it knows how to get a grip on itself, and instead of explaining the secrets, it creates a slow web of connections that keep the intrigue going. With Dropper he leads us into a story whose questions should be answered in the course of events.

From this well-worked out plot, the unrest of the fans that I carry within me emerges again. I have already mentioned it, but I have to insist: One more week, we are three youngsters without father figures, owners of ourselves. Those of us who know the previous saga are waiting for a very compelling excuse to understand what can lead characters who have faced so much adversity in the past to abandon their daughters. And whatever the reason, it makes me sad and angry to think of Kagome and Inuyasha, away from their daughter Moroha. Damn why ?! Is the tragedy being chewed?

Fight, Doubt, and Ties

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The scenes in which Setsuna, Towa and Moroha interact are particularly interesting as they trace their relationship. In this regard, I find it remarkable how Setsuna feels a natural compassion for Moroha, while she tends to reject her relationship with Towa.

It was superficially traced in the previous episode, but in this chapter it is a reliable reality. Moroha arouses the young demon hunter's interest and tenderness because she is strong and self-confident. He admires her fighting skills and is curious about a girl with a quarter of demon blood and powerful priestess gifts. It is easier for Setsuna to empathize with her because she feels that both of them understand the nature of the fight, well beyond the doubts Towa has. That being said, Towa's reactions in this episode don't seem to me to be well developed. They are exaggerated until the character is incoherent.

Duality: Moroha and Beniyasha

Already in the second broadcast of Hanyo no YashahimeMoroha announced Beniyasha to us. This transformation is interesting and the key to creating a parallel in the nature of Inuyasha, his father, who had to fight against the wild instincts of the half demon. And with the obvious differences in script, the dualities in a character can give a lot of play in a story.

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Other aspects of the chapter

Another hit from Hanyo no Yashahime it is knowing how to maintain a balance between the three protagonists. Thanks to this, no one takes the absolute testimony and focuses on being the protagonist. Instead of one interesting heroine, we have three powerful heroines with many surprises to tell.

On the other hand, two important environments were drawn: the allies and the safety zone with Kaede and the demon hunters; and at the other extreme, the antagonists. Demons have appeared that we know will return, like the owl Yotsume. It was a simple and clear introduction, well told.

In terms of comfort zone, it is inevitable to compare Takechiyo to the lovable and always well received Shippo. We understand that it is taking its role in the new era, but its design is a far cry from the great character that Shippo had.

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This episode offers a nice and entertaining introduction (or rather a comeback for fans of Inuyasha) to feudal adventures in this unique universe of Rumiko Takahashi, where the bandit and the Yokai They roam in violence and death.

He also underlined that the three young women cannot escape their fate. One way or another, her first adventure caught her in the plea of ​​the Tree of Ages. It's an interesting achievement as the series would shed parallel stories true to its project and number of chapters.


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