My Hero Academia and Bleach together in this beautiful drawing

My Hero Academia and Bleach are two mangas that everyone knows by now. The first was born in different eras and has been very successful in those years of serialization. The second instead shaped the history of the manga a few years ago. So introducing them together is more than legitimate, but it's even better to see them together in one drawing.

So that the imagination of fans of these two mangas can run around a possible crossover, undoubtedly it contributed to the friendship that developed between Tite Kubo and Kohei Horikoshi (here you can find the interview with the author of My Hero Academia and the author of Bleach).

Almost a month later we return to fantasize about the possibility of seeing together Ichigo and Midorya, but this time a drawing also helps the imagination. This little sketch was shared online by user Atsushi 101X on Twitter and shows the young hero and the shinigami side by side. Below is the tweet with the drawing of the two protagonists.

While we wait and hope for new news about a crossover, we can continue to enjoy the adventures of the U Academy's young heroes on the pages of the manga. We remind you that there will be important news for Dabi in the next chapter of My Hero Academia.

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