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Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 7
Β© Y.A / MF γƒ– ッ γ‚― γ‚Ή / γ€Œε…« η”· っ て 、 そ γ‚Œ は γͺ い で し ょ う!」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 7: Is magic prohibited ?! It's a joke?!

In Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! Chapter 7, during the celebration of the wedding of his older brother, Helmut, Wendelin learns of the tournament in which he must participate representing his new noble status. With the peculiarity that in the tournament the use of magic is prohibited and must be presented in the style of sword necessarily due to its status.

Wendelin starts training, in the same way that Iina, Louise and Erwin constantly do. Since all of them will also participate. Which increases the difficulty of the training of Iina and Louise, since both used a little of their magic power to strengthen themselves during their workouts. Erwin, for his part, begins to train harder in fear of not showing that he has what it takes to remain in the great 'hero' group.

During the Wendelin tournament he is eliminated in his first combat, since he faced Warren, the leader of the palace knights. Meanwhile, Louise lost in the penultimate bout of the preliminary round. Iina lost to Roderich, the man who always tries to get Wendelin's attention, just in the last match of the round. Erwin manages to reach the end of his style to face Warren.

Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 7
Β© Y.A / MF γƒ– ッ γ‚― γ‚Ή / γ€Œε…« η”· っ て 、 そ γ‚Œ は γͺ い で し ょ う!」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

High expectations

As they have demonstrated in previous episodes, the kingdom began to take a great interest in Wendelin taking into account his achievements at his young age. So it doesn't surprise me that he was forced to participate and even face the leader of the knights in the first round. After all, that match could have been chosen since the start of the tournament by senior officials, be it tournament organizers or the king himself.

Most surprising of all is Wendelin's poor ability and handling with the sword. Since, as a child at the start of the anime, he knew that he would have to make a living in some way in the future. Having a basic sword training at that age. Even appearing on screen while being watched by his older brother, Kurt. But in Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 7 exhibited a very poor performance with the sword, from his training with Erwin, Iina and Louise. As if he had suddenly forgotten everything related to this.

While I understand the possibility that he was completely focused on magic during his workouts, the one who couldn't use the sword still confuses me.

Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 7
Β© Y.A / MF γƒ– ッ γ‚― γ‚Ή / γ€Œε…« η”· っ て 、 そ γ‚Œ は γͺ い で し ょ う!」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

But, in turn, the fact that Wendelin showed a β€œweakness” or a field in which he is not an expert is something comforting, because that means that he will not be the typical powerful protagonist who is capable of using magic an impeccable performance with body combat to body. Either with the sword or with some other weapon. For example, at the beginning of the anime Wendelin also showed great hunting ability with the bow. Leaving aside the one that is not that branch in the tournament.

In general, the fact that Wendelin cannot use the sword gives more importance to his teammates. To be able to balance the group correctly, especially when they are in very dangerous situations. However, I think they exaggerated with wanting to show this, becoming a bit absurd. Also, not to mention that this can be used as a weakness against you in case of future "arcs" for the plot.

Group feelings and concerns

During Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 7 the protagonism in the characters was much more focused on the members of Wendelin's group. With Elise's announcement joining them, but no action to see their coordination. With more emphasis on Iina, Loisue and Erwin. Especially with the latter, being the only one of them that has no magic power, so it completely depends on their physical effort.

While Iina and Louise don't have a lot of magic power compared to Wendelin or Elise either, they can use it to strengthen their bodies and improve their physical abilities. Remembering that this was what both did receive the "rejection" of their family, being stronger than them. Both showed tremendous performance in the tournament, taking into account that they should be only 12 years old. A difference in age, and therefore experience, with some other participants. Among them being Roderich, an experienced user of the spear that Iina faced and that we will surely continue to see in future episodes.

Β© Y.A / MF γƒ– ッ γ‚― γ‚Ή / γ€Œε…« η”· っ て 、 そ γ‚Œ は γͺ い で し ょ う!」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

Of course, this only increases Erwin's leading role in Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 7. Since he was very affected by Brantag's words. Which by the way, although Brantag usually seems carefree, has experimented enough to alert and advise others. However, it was obvious that he overreacted with the words he gave Erwin, as it further increased the pressure he could already feel.

Going back to Erwin, after those Brantag words, even I felt the enormous pressure I should be feeling. His character may have had a complex inferiority theorist, knowing that he is the weakest of his companions for not having a single iota of magic power, but pressing himself during his training sessions so that they would not leave him behind and / or not be a hindrance to them. . What perhaps is no longer an inferiority complex as such.

Β© Y.A / MF γƒ– ッ γ‚― γ‚Ή / γ€Œε…« η”· っ て 、 そ γ‚Œ は γͺ い で し ょ う!」 製作 ε§”ε“‘δΌš

However, Elise with her new addition to the team will also feel some pressure, not being familiar with her methods and strategies during combat or missions. Secretly training them to improve their physical condition in case it is necessary at some point. Since, using healing magic, she would normally be at the bottom lines, away from danger. But in such a small team, the rear may not be as safe as she is used to. So his training is admirable. Much more than the performance of her fiance with the sword.

Details of Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 7

I personally must confess that I loved this episode for showing more focus on supporting characters like Iina, Louise and Erwin. Giving your characters a better development in Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou!. What has in turn could mean a moment of tension in the future when any of them is in a difficult situation. Whether it involves their lives in danger or their ways of living together.

I hope this will be shown in the plot in the future. Although, honestly, I do not think that if that were to happen in the plot it will be animated in the adaptation. Well, I see it more as an event that happens more in the future, in one more distant than it seems will have the end of the anime.

As always, the plot has its moments when, if it were well studied, it would further increase the attraction of the series. For example, Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 7, focused on the "arc" of the martial arts tournament. However, how did the tournament end? In the last moments and scenes of the chapter the tournament had already concluded and they never mentioned or showed the results of it. Outside that Iina, Louise and Erwin have obtained teachers to improve their performance in each of their branches.

I would have been fascinated to see the confrontation between Erwin and Warren, even if Erwin had lost. What surely happened. But, at least I would have seen an interesting moment of action and that, personally, I think would have further increased the development of this character during Hachi-nan tte, Sore wa Nai deshou! - Chapter 7.

For me, this was not badly adapted in a single episode, because it has a good flow and I did not get to feel that it was slow or too fast like other chapters. But if they asked me to change something it would be the end. Showing the confrontation of Erwin, and leaving the presentation / sample of his teachers for the beginning of the next episode. Or perhaps dispense with the ending animation, leaving the musical theme but in the background showing the scene of his training with his new teachers.


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