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Chapter 7: Meko oyasi

The white clouds lead the way, the group is separated. Some find the warmth, others continue to seek it at the expense of their mobility, but ingenuity and compassion win the battle and bring the group back together. Reunited, they hear the story of the family. Sugimoto understands the pain and says they will be looking for his missing daughter. The antagonists set out to meet an old friend of Kiroranke who apparently has answers to Asirpa's strangers. What will happen to the lynx's cold stare?

Chapter Opinion

Golden Kamuy shows that it not only entertains, but also gives survival tips in very cold climates. The chapter was good, preparing us for the following ones, in which there will appear to be clashes, although we don't know if the two groups will eventually collide. The story about Svetlana didn't convince me so much, maybe it will be explained better in the next episodes, since it wasn't so sad to knock down the protagonists, but for them it may be that they are the ones who sense the feelings of their parents . The only thing I don't like is that there seem to be multiple plots that can be investigated, but that doesn't happen, which is understood by the time and number of chapters, although these summaries are fine.

The storm of hope

Blizzards are terrible, cold and immobility are the least bearable things. Although the group has split up, they quickly meet when they find a house with a lighthouse that they use so Sugimoto can locate and reach them. Their rescuers are very hospitable, despite being Russian, but that's because their compatriots have turned their backs on their daughter's case. Svetlana, who was the guy who took you away? As a thank you Sugimoto promises to find his daughter because he knows what it feels like to lose someone. But, even after several years, how can they know if it is near, in Sakhalin itself?

The monstrosity of the immortal

Sugimoto is very similar to the character of with a few problems Berserk, Guts. Two people moved by hatred and using hatred to fight and get out of their respective battles alive. Those who follow the manga will know that Schierke It's like Asirpa in the sense that both of them are responsible for calming their respective monsters. For Sugimoto this represents Asirpa, the calm of his soul, the hope for a new opportunity, the knowledge that he has people who trust him. That monster is still there in him, in his memories, in his frustrations, a monster that can immortalize him when it comes out.

The incarnated animal

It gradually deepens in Ogata. I thought they'd talk more about it Meko Oyasibut it is mentioned in the last minutes of the chapter, about 8 minutes before it ends. The Meko Oyasi It was left behind as a mythical unknown that appears to appear in the anime below. But both animal and human enter the scene as it is clear that Ogata is the human representation of such a being, someone who secretly hunts, waits for their prey, and at the right time plants wars. This is a good example in this scene where Ogata meets the lynx. As soon as he lost his sight, he ran away.

Two streets, two goals, one place

Two names of two women are mentioned in this chapter: Svetlana (which seems to mean "light") and Sofia (wisdom). They are two different women, but they know each other. Not much can be said about the first, the second lives up to its name, because it has knowledge that is important for Asirpa and Kiroranke, since she was the woman who got to know the girl's father the most. A place joins the dams, the Alexandrovsk-Sakhalin prison or the Akou prison. We know about Sofia, but Svetlana is a mystery. These women are the ones who can indirectly unite the two groups, but it can be something else.

We will see what will happen. I didn't think Enonoka would follow them that far and I really appreciate that he keeps coming out, he's a lovable character like Asirpa but we don't know if he fights like Asirpa. What else is going to happen? Waiting.


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