The naming of Number One Heroes made Endeavor a more responsible person who was finally free from the hunt for All Might. But despite attempts to free himself from the sins committed against his family, there is no escape from the past. And in the last chapters of My hero academia His beloved missing son has returned to pursue him.

In the final chapters of the manga, readers finally discovered thatcruel truth about the Todoroki family. Dabi revealed the truth about Hawks' father as well as his true identity to the My Hero Academia audience. The villain claimed to be Toya Todoroki, the son of Endeavor who was believed dead until recently.

After chapter 291, Toya died on a cold winter day near Sekoto Peak, where he was supposed to train with his father. But his body was never found. ""It is said that his fire burned at over 2,000 degrees Celsius. The body was never found. His bones were cut to ashes and the electricity blew them away. Only a fragment of the jaw was found"Endeavor remembered sadly.

But how did Toya Todoroki really die? According to some theories, he was caught in an uncontrolled fire while secretly exercising in solitude. Dabi could just as well have it fake his death to escape from the abuses of Endeavor. The subject is still surrounded by a mysterious aura that will most likely be eliminated in the next few chapters of the manga. Speaking of parents, who is Midoriya's father? Here's what we know about the father of the protagonist of My Hero Academia. Dabi's revelation may have brought victory to his comrades. The bad guys are the winners of this My Hero Academia story arc.

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