Warning! This review about Daylight Saving Time Rendering may contain spoilers. If you haven't seen the series yet, I recommend you watch it and then come back to read the review.


Daylight Saving Time Renderingalso known as "the island of shadows” for his recent inclusion in the platform of star+, is an animated adaptation of the manga of the same name, written and illustrated by Yasuki Tanaka. While the manga had 13 compiled volumes, the animated adaptation had 25 episodes, which came to light thanks to the study OLM. Although the story's transmission began in April last year, its recent premiere in Latin America was what prompted me to write about it.

The genres under which this series is listed are: Mystery, Supernatural and Suspense. Genres perfectly portrayed throughout the storyline and while there is a significant amount of romance, it never overshadows the main genres, justifying it not being listed as Romance as well. This is another story that uses time travel, but unlike other works, there are no scientific means and the paranormal construction is one of the most solid to date.

What is Summer Time Rendering all about?

After learning of the death of his childhood friend Ushio, Shinpei returns to his home island of Wakayama in Hitogashima. There she meets up with her friend's family and attends the funeral, but in this whole situation something strange starts to happen. A mysterious legend begins to come true when she discovers that before she died, Ushio saw someone similar to her, and now another Mio has appeared. The legend of the shadows says she will kill her original and then her entire family to take their places. And that's exactly what this new Mio does. However, something happens and Shinpei goes back in time to the moment before he arrived on the island.

After the initial shock, Shinpei soon realizes that he has fallen into a strange loop that he may need to save his friends from this strange legend. But what he doesn't know is that the shadows have permeated the island more than he could have imagined. In the midst of all this, an incomparable ally emerges before him, Ushio, the one he thought was dead. But is she really her friend or another enemy shadow?

The Good: Well constructed supernatural suspense

A few lines up I noted that this story has a time travel premise, but quite unlike other works, here we have a supernatural backdrop that provides a solid explanation for it. It is a fact that time travel can be very complex narrative elements, since the existence of paradoxes and the lack of explanations for this phenomenon can alienate the reader. In case of Daylight Saving Time Rendering It's very special as time travel isn't just any narrative resource, it's the cornerstone of the whole story. And while it has a supernatural origin, it's solidified throughout the storyline, giving it a plus so that the viewer doesn't find it corny.

The most important element we have is that this ability is not the protagonist's own, it is a power of a superior entity, and it is not free, there is a reason for such an ability to fall on a human. Furthermore, this power has rules and consequently there are a number of consequences to consider when using it. It is this construction of power, rules and consequences that makes this fiction unique. I won't deny that there may be stories out there with a better script and better use of this resource. But what builds Daylight Saving Time Rendering He is vastly superior to some of his contemporaries, giving him a significant advantage.

Another element to consider is their construction of characters, because with their genre of suspense and mystery, they ensure that each character gives us a successful turn at the ideal moment. While there isn't overwhelming character growth, this is well justified by the investment of time and the fact that each character has a built-in personality. The latter is something incredible because not many works can afford to use so many characters with such solid personalities. Factor also present in the antagonists, gray characters who can take a thousand shades throughout the story while remaining true to their own beliefs.

The bad: the love subplot

It's hard to find fault with this story, after all it has a very complete construction of its own world. The script is dynamic enough not to tire the viewer, the change of scenery and use of time could hardly confuse the viewer. The powers and abilities are mystical in origin, so they don't require much explanation, but they provide you with it. The details are well cared for throughout the story, and so far we're not seeing any truly catastrophic failure for this story.

So the fault must lie in the characters. Yes and no, it's true that the characters are solid from the start and each has their own secret to spice up the plot. Although at a certain point that works against them and they empty-handedly steal the celebrity. That's the only flaw in this story, the romance is a waste. Aside from the love between Shinpei and Ushio, we honestly don't care about each other's feelings. I lie, Ryunosuke's brotherly love is important to us. But genuinely unrequited love subplots are so irrelevant they might as well be left out.


Let me be clear that since romance was never the main thing, the fact that it's portrayed so poorly doesn't detract from the experience of this story.

Final comment

Daylight Saving Time Rendering He has this something that makes it extremely difficult to talk about something bad in his story. It's obvious that I was very happy with what I saw. It takes a very careful critic to find all the flaws that are present in the plot, because they are there. In general, however, by just indulging in the experience, this is a very interesting story that builds solidly on its supernatural aspect. Of course, the visual is exquisite and lets you immerse yourself in the story without much trouble, just like the soundtrack.

Let's stick with the power of habit, and to conclude, we just have to give it a note. It scores a solid 95/100 in my opinion, it's a well constructed story with beautiful art that complements it perfectly. The constant suspense script and constant plot twists are hands down the best experience of this anime. The chemistry between the characters as well as the fight against the antagonists make this story unmissable.

Anyway, those were some of my thoughts on this anime, but tell me: what do you think of this story? What is your opinion on the script? Did you like the ending or did you expect something else? And for those who haven't seen it yet, I urge you to try it because it's a gem of its kind.

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