With Chapter 306, My Hero Academia has entered its final act. More than 70 issues have passed since the beginning of the epilogue, but the end still seems far away. How soon will the My Hero Academia manga end? A new timing update comes from author Kohei Horikoshi.

On the occasion of Jump Festa 2023, Kohei Horikoshi had already commented on the end of My Hero Academia. That's what the Sensei had claimed surpassed the times he had set himselfbut that the story would go a little further thanks to the unconditional love of the readers.

With the release of My Hero Academia Vol. 37 in Japan, the author has returned to talk about the completion of his work. Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki finally face off, ready to put an end to their feud. So is the conclusion very close?

Through one of the extra pages of the booklet Horikoshi commented on the ending utilizing the results of the eighth My Hero Academia Popularity Poll, which Bakugo won. β€œThe story is going through a bit of chaos and sadness, but I'm here to announce the results of the 8th Popularity Poll. Thank you for your votes and all the support! I think this is probably the last popularity poll.” . Thank you very much.".

According to the author, there is therefore no time for another popularity poll. This means that despite the numerous breaks, My Hero Academia yes it will be closed in a few months at the latest.

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