While the future of the anime Chainsaw Man is in jeopardy, readers of Tatsuki Fujimoto's manga series have been keeping their eyes on the second part of the work for some time. Here is one Detail of Denji's house from Chainsaw Man 119 that only the most observant have noticed.

Denji and Asa They return from a disastrous appointment, hampered to say the least by the appearance of some devils. However, the two protagonists of the manga gave each other a second chance and met at the chainsaw man's house.

As we know, after the end of Makima la The Devil's Reincarnation Control was born in Nayuta, a little girl that Denji takes care of. Denji and Nayuta therefore share the same housewife walls and that's exactly why the boy puts limits on dating Asa.

In Chainsaw Man 119, however, not everyone noticed a disrespectful detail hidden around the house. To the amusement of all those who weren't paying close attention while reading, Twitter user @DenjiUnleashed told the community that one of the walls of the house was the result of a Fart competition between Denji and Nayuta runs in March. Denji seems to have the advantage, but what could ever be the price of such competition? Sensei Fujimoto's madness has been taken to the next level this time.

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