Warning! This review on Tokyo Avenger Chapters eleven and twelve contain spoilers. If you haven't seen the episodes yet, I recommend watching them and then going back to read the review.

Tokyo Revengers Chapters 11 and 12
Ⓒ 和 久 井 健 ・ 講 談 社 / ア ニ メ 「東京 リ ベ ン ジ ャ ャ ー ズ」 製作 委員会

# 11 respect

Tokyo Avenger Chapter eleven begins with the arrival of the paramedics. The fight with Moebius is over and Hanma leaves Mikey a final warning that the Walhalla gang are about to make their big show. Draken passes out on the way to the hospital and is admitted to an emergency operation. Despite all the fear, Mikey shows his strength and everyone believes again that Draken will be fine. The operation is a success and all that remains is to celebrate. Takemichi flaunts his success, actually both Draken and Mikey are really grateful to him. It's time to return to the present and Takemichi leaves, leaving a souvenir necklace for Hina. Everything has changed in the present, Akkun is still alive and even Hina.

# 12 revenge

Tokyo Avenger Chapter twelve begins with Takemichi discovering that his mission was successful, Akkun and Hina are alive. Naoto suggests visiting Hina, and although Takemichi gets excited at first, he eventually crouches down and decides to leave. When he leaves the building, however, he meets her, the tears cannot be avoided. Despite the current discomfort, Naoto tries to get them to talk and takes them on a drive. Something comes up and Naoto has to leave them alone. After a while of silence, Hina suggests going for a walk in a park, there she tells him that the friend who left her in this place is someone who still lives in her heart, it is Takemichi. Before he can answer, Takemichi flees to the bathroom.

When Takemichi comes out of the bathroom, ready to confess to Hina, he meets Hanma and alerts him that something is wrong. After running to the parking lot, he watches in horror as a truck pulls into the car in which Hina is. The truck driver is Akkun, who is still busy with the toman and still fears Kisaki. Takemichi tries to save Hina, but it's too late, he confesses his love to her and she pushes him out of the car to survive. Faced with such a scenario, Takemichi vows that he will repeat his time travel until he reaches one in which it survives. If necessary, he becomes the leader of the Toman.

Tokyo Revengers Chapters 11 and 12
Ⓒ 和 久 井 健 ・ 講 談 社 / ア ニ メ 「東京 リ ベ ン ジ ャ ャ ー ズ」 製作 委員会

You are good guys

The results of Takemichi's efforts are reflected in the decisions made by those around him. The brave arrival of his friends to support him is an example of this. It was her determination and courage that changed her friends who were once eaten up by cowardice. Although not only they were influenced by Takemichi. Both Draken and Mikey were also tutored by our protagonist. Despite the fact that both have a special way of resolving conflicts for something they are criminal, Takemichi showed them another way to resolve it. Not only can you put your feelings in your fists, but also in your words.

The Toman bond is strong, and even Peyan's "Treason" failed to overshadow the strength of their bond. Though that credit is largely thanks to Mikey and his unwavering trust in his friends. It was he who decided to believe in Peyan and passed this trust on to his friends. The same thing happened with Draken's sudden bad condition, but for Mikey's strength the rest would not have been able to keep the faith. Surely Mikey is someone who is strong, for him and for those around him, but his strength is flawed. Alone Mikey can get carried away by his own emotions and reveal his fear and weakness. He was the one who gave the others the strength to wait for Draken's recovery, but in the end he was the most concerned and when he did recover he was the most relieved.

Each of them is a good guy at the end of the day. They take care of each other and try to do their best to deal with it. You take them into a unique gang because the friendship they have created enables them to care for one another and help them when they need it. Toman is not just Mikey or Draken, it is the bond of every member and every group. They are good guys because they are led by extraordinary guys with values ​​and ideals.

An incomplete victory

Saving Draken's life was just one goal to achieve a bigger goal, so at least it was in the beginning. While engaging with them, Takemichi bonded with the Toman leaders and sincerely wants to help them achieve a better future. Preventing Draken's death was no longer just a goal, it was a goal too. When this was accomplished, Takemichi was intoxicated with the fruit of his efforts. Nothing makes us feel better than thinking about the goals we will achieve with our efforts. When they get the reward, there is no better feeling. This is especially true for Takemichi, because his goal was not only everything, but the lives of several people was at stake. So having come this far was clearly something that needed to be rewarded.

Although neither Draken nor Mikey knew the real weight of Takemichi's actions, that didn't stop either of them from being grateful to him. One because he was the one who saved his life and the other because he was the best friend of the one he saved. Takemichi's contribution to the future didn't stop there, as he received another honor, the Toman's uniform. Maybe Takemichi wasn't an official member yet. But his actions have earned him the place when he wants. A glory that he could no longer enjoy because he belongs to the future, and there he must return.

Before returning to the present, Takemichi decided to leave one last legacy and gave Hina a necklace, because that way he would at least leave something of him. Returning to the present brought some changes, but the most important and important was that both Akkun and Hina were still alive. That alone has paid off all his efforts in the past, his mission was a success. Unfortunately, it can't be that simple. Well, although we managed to change the future a little, the main thing has not yet changed. Kisaki's shadow still lurks, and Akkun is used once again to twist history. A new accident ends Hina's life as the main evil has not yet been eradicated. Takemichi's trip wasn't as successful as it seemed.

The final resolution

The taste of victory wasn't long enough for Takemichi to enjoy. Of course, he was happy and genuinely happy to learn that the future had changed and three lives had been saved in the process. But in the middle of it all, there were also their uncertainties about the present. Despite the connection he had with Hina in the past, he couldn't tell she would stop in the present, so seeing her no longer seemed like the best option. Takemichi undoubtedly changed the past, but the present he returned to was not much different from the one he had left him before. At the end of the day, he was still a virgin with a mediocre job. In the face of such a prospect, it did not suit him well to imagine Hina.

Finally the reunion came and it turned out much better than I expected, Hina was still the same. A reality in many ways, because her feelings have not been able to change over the years. Something funny that went with the change in the past is that the past he remembers has been abandoned by Hina. In this new reality, however, it was he who broke up with her at Christmas. That early mention of the Black Dragons Arc gave me a tremendous amount of hype. However, I would like to point out that the past has changed for Takemichi in more than one event, although he cannot remember these changes. This could be the biggest downside to Takemichi's time travel.

However, the reunion with Hina made two things clear, her love has not died and there is still a long way to go to the desired future. Losing Hina again, and this time in front of his eyes, has awakened an even stronger determination in Takemichi than before. This is not a simple promise to nothing, it is a complete dissolution as a man. Takemichi is ready to devote his whole life to one goal, a future in which he can smile at Hina's side. Since the enemy you are fighting continues to lurk in the shadows, you still need to gather information. However, he has the main clue, Kisaki is the enemy and if he has to block it he has to rise to the top of the toman, he will.

Final comment

Tokyo Avenger Chapters eleven and twelve were episodes full of emotion, they made us feel the taste of victory and then made us crash into a wall of reality. There is no doubt that these two episodes are the carrot and the whip, the reward and the punishment to encourage us to continue on this journey through time. While the animation is good, it falls short of expectations in many ways. What remains a genius is the script work and the direction of the story.

Before I close on this review, let me just tell you that it makes me sad that we're already in the middle of this season, chapter thirteen is already the start of the second cut. Glad to finally see some epic moments animated, but it makes me a little sad that we're halfway to an end. Of course, it's not the end of the story, Bloody Halloween is only the second arc of this series, but it will be a preliminary ending for the animation. Unless, of course, our heart's desire is heard and everything Tokyo Avenger to be alive. Be that as it may, we can only look forward to what's to come, Walhalla is well worth seeing.

Anyway, those were my impressions of these chapters, tell me: what do you think of these episodes? Could it be that Takemichi's past trips, like a kind of butterfly effect, will only wreak havoc in the future? Are you ready for Bloody Halloween? Because I don't, I want to scream.

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