The fight between the new Team 7 and Boro is over. When all seemed lost and the leaf’s young shinobi were about to succumb to the blows of Kara’s insides, an old antagonist has returned to the scene. Let’s find out what’s in the weekly episode of. has happened Boruto: Naruto the next generations.

Before that was the Chidori from Sarada he had managed to snatch away the scientific ninja tool that allowed Boro to regenerate instantly. However, this attack resulted in the intern turning into a giant octopus that appeared to be spiraling out of control. But when Boro could come to his senses, he hit Team 7 and knocked the boys down one by one.

When it seemed time for Boruto to die, the unthinkable happened: Momoshiki Otsutsuki emerged from karma and took control of his body. “Borushiki”, He demonstrated his incredible superiority and put an end to Boro’s life with a single attack.

However, the jutsu launched by Borushiki is incredible. With Boruto’s body and skills, Momoshiki unleashed Rasengan Titan so big that those of Naruto and Kurama are pale.

This jutsu that Boro eliminated leads to reflection. Boruto, just at the beginning of the otsutsufication process, is already able to express such power. What peaks would it reach if one day it did? control karma and the power of momoshiki?

In the meantime, let’s relive the rise of Borushiki in Boruto 208. Anime and Manga Comparing: Here are the differences in Boruto episode 207.

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