The new comic series from Ironman brought back some of the most remote characters and concepts from the Marvel Comics universe, giving characters like Hellcat, Korvac, and others the attention they likely deserve. Sometimes they return for the series, one of the most notorious antagonists to ever appear in comic book history.

It all happened on the pages of Iron Man # 10 by Christopher Cantwell, Cafu, Joe Caramagna, and Frank D'Armata. Teleported away from the fight with Korvac, Tony Stark finds himself again stuck on an unknown planet. In this mysterious location, the hero encounters a diverse group of alien refugees who operate in a community called Megiddo. Among them is Colin Richard, aka Avro-X, a character who briefly acted in his own version of the Iron Man suit.

After spending time in this community, Tony is introduced to the man who built the alien colony: Stilt. However, this character appears to have changed as he now leads the people peacefully. When the planet is attacked by a robot, Iron Man and Avro-X team up with Stilt-Man to stop the intruder.

Stilt-Man was created by Wally Wood and debuted in Dardevil # 8 from 1965. Originally a scientist, he eventually committed several robberies in his combat armor and challenged Daredevil. The character has appeared sporadically over the decades, such as when he served as a government agent in the Civil War. However, this new series recontextualizes Stilt-Man and sets him apart from the bizarre villains of the same era.

Let's find out if Iron Man's armor is more solid than Vibranium.

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