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Kanojo mo Kanojo - Chapter 2: How Nagisa Feels

After a bath together, Nagisa and Saki find three futons together because sleeping so close together could deepen their relationship. When Saki lies down and pretends to be asleep, Nagisa and Naoya talk to each other, creating a misunderstanding between their actions and the sentences that only Saki heard when she couldn't see them. Once the misunderstanding is resolved, everyone falls asleep much closer than the futons were at the beginning.

Nagisa wakes up very early in the morning to prepare breakfast for the day. In addition to giving him time to think, he comes to the conclusion that he needs to get to know Naoya and Nagisa better in order for the relationship to continue. So he decides to check their two phones, starting with Sakis. Finding a weird internet search history, mostly sex-related. While she's still holding Saki's cell phone, Naoya wakes up and spots her, but Saki wakes up to the sound, which Nagisa quickly notices with her cell phone. To cover it up, Naoya takes the blame and says he took Saki's cell phone to check the story and got a beating that puts him back to sleep.

Later that morning, while the three of them are having breakfast together, Saki and Naoya find out that Nagisa is a classmate of their two who has not been to school in a long time because she has focused on improving her culinary skills to get Naoya to do so to bring love to fall in love. So that day they take it with them to study in search of the lag Nagisa should have in class.

Even at school, Nagisa attracted the attention of all of her classmates due to the lack of teaching time. Create an uncomfortable environment around you. Something Naoya can't ignore, so he starts a conversation with her by introducing himself. However, the sadness of the situation leads him to want to confess his relationship with her and Saki, so that he is beaten by Saki and taken to the roof of the school to speak to him. Well, they had agreed to hide everything about their relationship with both of them at school.

Kanojo mo Kanojo - Chapter 2
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Secret from society

Obviously, the relationship between the three is kept a secret to avoid problems with others. All because of the well-known "common sense" of society. Something that adds drama and helps deepen the plot of Kanojo mo Kanojo. Of course, played so easily that a smooth comedy in the series is possible. Indeed, if the factor of keeping their relationship a secret didn't exist, comedy would be in Kanojo mo Kanojo It should have a different style.

This is an anime with the genre harem, but unlike many, too Isekai or have the gender Supernatural/fantasy, the protagonist is not a king, he is not the only person on the planet, he is not an alien with different traditions and customs, and it is not a futuristic series where the laws are "more open" so that he can afford it more as having a couple at the same time. In this harem there is no such thing as "polygamy" in any way. So I can't compare the comedy of works with the kind of protagonists it shows Kanojo mo Kanojor. Something that I don't even see in the context of the style of comedy how much do you use Hiroyuki-sensei in his works.

Personally, I find that the plot and the comedy In Kanojo mo Kanojo They go hand in hand. A small change in either of the two will throw the balance out of whack and make the series absurd in one of those aspects. If you add more depth and / or seriousness to the plot this style becomes of comedy feel inappropriate. Whereby, too much importance for comedy Regardless of the "problems" that may arise in the story, this renders the series meaningless. At least I see it like that.

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Obviously, the series has a future for the plot to reach a serious point. But I think every chapter in the story had its climax. in the last episode It was the beginning of everything with the suggestion of a relationship with both of them. Meanwhile in Kanojo mo Kanojo - In Chapter 2, Naoya will almost reveal their secret relationship. Although I feel more influence in the first episode than in Kanojo mo Kanojo - Episode 2.

As for the speed of the plot in the series. I honestly think it's too early to know the real speed at which they are adapting the manga to anime. At first glance, however, it seems to me that they are going a little slow. This is due to the evolution of the next chapter, which shows scenes that I first thought would be in Kanojo mo Kanojo - Episode 2.

Who is the pervert?

In Kanojo mo Kanojo - Chapter 2 dealt a little more with the characters. Shows little more than was previously shown of the protagonists' personality. In this episode, Saki and Nagisa showed their characters the most. Of course, they also left me with a lot of doubts that I hope will be resolved in the next few chapters.

Nagisa has proven that not only is she honest and considerate, but she can also be an airhead. Skip classes to prepare to make Naoya fall in love. Stay away from class because of her long absence. In addition, the same earned me the unknown as he fell in love with Naoya. Thinking of everything he seems to have experienced in school, Nagisa fell in love with him early in the school year. Possibly at the beginning of the school year.

For her part, Saki turned out to be more perverted than Nagisa, and I'd say even more than Naoya. Mainly because of your search history. Perhaps the excuse for this was that she was preparing for it when Naoya suggested it, but there were very specific searches that she would take the initiative in.

Kanojo mo Kanojo - Chapter 2
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In both cases, they helped add depth to the characters. Albeit in different ways. Well, I have a feeling that Nagisa's portrayal helps her character's background while Sakis helps her character development.

I just want to say about Naoya that her extremely open personality really bothers me. They are the type of people that you would most like to have as little interaction as possible. While I understand and even share your mindset in many situations, I don't like the way you express yourself verbally and physically. It doesn't matter whether it's a fictional character or a real person.

Changes in Konojo Mo Kanojo - Chapter 2

Even though I was pretty early on in the series, I've already seen slight changes in it, both in the plot with changes or omissions from scenes, and in the animation. For example, when Naoya thinks of her (always extremist) solution, that Saki believes her that she will not physically make a breakthrough on the first night together with either of them. In the manga, I can't remember a painting that showed the operating room in the background at the time. Maybe I should read the beginning again to confirm, but I'm pretty sure this detail was added for the animated adaptation. Details that i appreciate.

Now to the animation. In Konojo mo Kanojo - Chapter 2 I have already noticed a decrease in animation quality. It wasn't a worrying downward drop, but I did notice a difference from the previous episode. By that I mean the inconsistent fluidity of the movements in the animation throughout the chapter. Well, there were times when it felt pretty robotic, like when Naoya approaches Nagisa in the classroom to speak to her for the "first time". Although I found the fluency pretty good at other times, like when Saki Naoya repeatedly slaps the face before he reveals his secret relationship with the two of them.

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In fact, I have to admit that this short scene was my favorite because of the fun. The detail Saki screamed while berating Naoya seemed like a great detail that made the comedy of the situation even more apparent. For some reason, that scream reminded me of the "excruciating" scream of Mya-nee (WataTen) when she is discovered as a cosplay White Lily for his new neighbor Not. These screams don't have the same context, but both left a lasting mark on me in their respective anime.

I hope that these animation details will be found in the next chapters of. not gain weight Kanojo mo Kanojo. Sure, I can accept that they happen occasionally, I very much hope they don't gain weight and / or get worse.

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