Dragon Ball Super: Chapter 60 highlights the limit of Goku

The second round between Goku and the Planet Eater began a couple of chapters ago, showing how despite the Saiyan having unlocked impressive strength, he is still unable to overpower his opponent. The latest release of Dragon Ball Super provides further evidence of Moro's unbeatability.

Goku, after finding that his first approach to the fight had been too moderate, returns to the field drawing on all energy resources at his disposal to try to get the better of the sorcerer.

Initially, the speed of his blows seriously challenges the defense of the antagonist, but the latter - during the rest of the battle - suddenly manages to gain confidence with the new rhythms and to build a new advantage situation.

We therefore found that although our protagonist is now able to control the basic form of Ultra Instinct, it is not yet perfectly capable of managing its energies within this form.

Moro takes advantage of this weakness, and by exploiting his full powers he manages to overcome it. When the sorcerer was about to give him the coup de grace, C17 and C18 rush to the battlefield managing to gain precious seconds while waiting for Vegeta to arrive.

At the end of the chapter the Prince of Saiyans manages to teleport to earth, preparing to show off all his new repertoire in the second round with the wizard.

Within the latest issue of V-Jump, Toyotaro has clarified the various evolutions of the Super Saiyan God in Dragon Ball Super. Chapter 60 of Dragon Ball Super hides a mistake, did you notice it?

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