A recent trend on Twitter that has caught my attention. It seems that more and more men are expressing their attraction to "femboys," also known as "otokonoko." Some believe that cross-dressing can be an exciting and desirable experience for men and that clothing can be a significant factor in attraction, even more than the female body.

However, others argue that attraction is more complex and depends on personality and social context. It's important to note that wearing clothing of the opposite sex does not necessarily indicate one's sexual orientation, and fetishism and homosexuality are distinct phenomena. While some may view the rise in popularity of femboys as a positive development, others criticize the trend as being co-opted by the LGBT agenda and leading to a misunderstanding of gender and sexuality.

  • «Cross-dressing, seriously, is something that I would like men to experience, even if they are not fetishists, and realize that a significant part of male sexual desire is directed towards the outfit, not the female body.».


  • «The part where you look like a virgin girl and look weirdly cute is something you only get with your outfit, so if you own a few outfits and seriously experiment with handling them yourself, that “unconformity” feeling will really go away and you won't look really a man».


  • «There are also heterosexual men in many classes. There are some who see the female body as the object of her arousal, even if the girl is not wearing any clothes and they have no relationship with her. There are others who are actually attracted to a person because of the clothes they are wearing, but they do not realize it and believe that what turns them on is the female body. And there are others who fall in love through a human relationship (a way of being), so you should think about what kind of are you?».

  • «Putting on clothes of the opposite sex and being sexually aroused by it does not make you a homosexual, you are simply a fetishist. Unfortunately, people are getting these things wrong because the LGBT agenda is bastardizing the term with the introduction of hormones and surgical changes.».


A New Wave of Expression: Exploring the Positive Side of the Femboy Trend

The rise of femboys is a positive thing because it challenges traditional gender roles and expectations. Society often places strict boundaries around what is considered masculine and feminine, and those who deviate from these norms are often ostracized. By embracing alternative forms of expression, we can create a more inclusive and accepting society.

That being said, it's important to recognize that not everyone may share this perspective. Some may view the trend as promoting unhealthy and unrealistic expectations, or as being a product of a larger agenda. Ultimately, what is most important is that we approach these topics with an open mind and a willingness to listen and learn from one another.

So, what can we take away from this trend on Twitter? First and foremost, we should celebrate diversity and individuality in all its forms. Whether it's through fashion, music, or other forms of self-expression, we should encourage people to be true to themselves and embrace their unique identities. Secondly, we should strive to be more accepting and understanding of those who are different from ourselves. By learning about and appreciating diverse perspectives, we can create a more tolerant and compassionate world.

Opinions of others "Exploring the Fragile Nature of Attraction"

  • «Sexual desire seems to be rooted in instinct. In fact, I think it's largely wishful thinking. It is rather something sustained by a very fragile idea, very malleable».
  • «I remember a girl at my university who was very ugly, and she usually wore pants. When she wore a dress in front of everyone during a school festival, or something like that, all the boys started looking at her with desire. She was not wearing any makeup, but they began to say that she was very pretty and to ask for her name.».
  • «I remember once the comedian Junji Takada was walking down the street dressed as a woman, and an old man tried to peek out from under his skirt!».
  • «Well, I think the outfits depend a lot on the situation. For example, a nurse or stewardess uniform, depending on the situation is the reaction that a man has».
  • «This is probably why femboys (otoko no musume) are very popular among straight men. On the outside, they meet all the requirements to be attractive, and many do not care "what's inside"».
  • «I don't need to experience it to know that outfits are what turn a man on. That being said, I don't know what to think, I think it depends on "how much of a man he looks like"».
  • «After all, men only respond to “what they see”, and since we don't live naked, it means that a good part of the sexual arousal comes from the clothes the other person is wearing.».


In conclusion, while the trend of femboys may be controversial, I believe that it has the potential to be a positive force for change. By challenging traditional gender roles and promoting individuality and self-expression, we can create a more inclusive and accepting society. So, let's embrace our differences and work towards a brighter future together!

Source: Esuteru Blog

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