This article includes spoilers for the manga “Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san.” Reader discretion is advised.

Embarking on a whimsical journey since November 2017, Nanashi's "Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san (Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro)" has captivated hearts, establishing itself as a rom-com powerhouse. Yet, the narrative's romantic progression had been, until recently, at a standstill.

Our leads, Naoto Hachiouji and Hayase Nagatoro, have long harbored mutual affection, albeit unspoken. Their numerous near-confessions were persistently thwarted, sparking a social media uproar among fans craving resolution.


Threads proliferated, clamoring for a swift denouement, suggesting Nanashi might be milking his sole mainstream, non-adult hit. This sentiment hinted at a waning fanbase, impatient for the lovebirds' union.

But the tides have turned, as Nagatoro and Senpai's long-awaited confessions have blossomed into a bona fide relationship.


Post-judo championship, Senpai seized a private moment to acknowledge Nagatoro's transformative impact on him. His declaration of love, met with Nagatoro's astonishment, culminated in a heartfelt acceptance, their footsteps now aligned along the shoreline.

Yet, amidst the euphoria, a promised kiss lingers. Senpai's attempt, bold yet public, sends Nagatoro into a fluster, her response a judo lock, ending the chapter with a mix of humor and tenderness.

The culmination of their saga has set social media abuzz:

  • «Truly, a delightful turn of events.»
  • «Nagatoro's reaction to Senpai's confession is a sight to behold.»
  • «At long last, it has transpired.»
  • «Cinematic indeed, the wait has reached its end.»
  • «The rom-com genre breathes anew.»
  • «He's done it! The confession to Nagatoro is out!»
  • «Overwhelmed with joy, the moment's organic nature resonates deeply.»
  • «Finally, a romantic comedy that delivers.»
  • «Together at last, Nagatoro and Senpai's journey as a couple begins.»
  • «After a hiatus, this moment brings unbridled happiness.»
  • «Despite my aversion, the confession leaves me unmoved. Nagatoro has indeed marked a generation.»
  • «It took over 140 chapters and nearly 7 years, but the couple's formation is a highlight.»

In conclusion, the journey of "Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san" has been a testament to the enduring allure of romantic comedy. The characters' evolution from unspoken affection to a genuine relationship reflects the intricate dance of love, resonating with fans worldwide. As we circle back to the manga's inception, the recent developments not only satisfy long-held desires but also enrich the genre, inviting readers to reflect on the beauty of patience and the reward of emotional payoff. Share this momentous turn with fellow enthusiasts and revel in the narrative's heartfelt crescendo.

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