NHK in Japan has reported that Kumamoto Prefectural police arrested two foreign men on suspicion of violating copyright law for leaking images from the manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump online before it hits the shelves. Among the culprits is the self-proclaimed Musa Samir, 36, who helms Japan Deal World LLC in Kita Ward, Tokyo, a French site peddling anime and manga swag. Despite appearances, this is no petty offense in Japan.

Shounen Jump

Per the police dossier, in March 2023, the duo exploited the content they hawked, snapping illicit photos of Shueisha's periodical, “Weekly Shonen Jump,” pre its official retail debut. They face a secondary indictment for replicating magazine imagery via their smartphones this past January. The constabulary conjectures a broader conspiracy and is meticulously probing for additional cohorts.

Shounen Jump

Shounen Jump

In retort to the inquisition, both suspects rebuffed the March 2023 leak allegations, asserting: "Was not me." Yet, they conceded to the prior January indiscretion, affirming: "There's no doubt."

Following the apprehensions, the Asahi newspaper unfurled visuals of screenshots tendered at the Kumamoto Cybercrime division's media briefing, spotlighting captures of Jujutsu Kaisen, One Piece, and Blue Lock. These stills serve as testament to the purloined previews proliferated across social platforms.

Several manga leakers on X have broadcast their cessation of Jump leaks come next Wednesday, hinting that their informant might be linked to these apprehensions. Concurrently, a handful of X profiles dealing in Shonen Jump spoilers have shuttered.

Unsurprisingly, the clampdown sparked a global buzz among the fandom, with a faction celebrating the clampdown, citing the spoils as a nuisance. Yet, they remain convinced that this is but a temporary setback, predicting the “hydra will soon sprout another head.”

Source: NHK, Asahi

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