This morning, the first promotional video for the anime adaptation of If My Wife Became an Elementary School Student was revealed. While the title may appear controversial, the story itself is heartfelt and profound.

Keisuke Niijima lost his cherished wife, Takae, a decade ago. Since then, he has struggled with a deep sense of loss and melancholy. His only family now is his daughter, Mai, whom he wishes to see happy, though he has largely distanced himself emotionally. Their home is filled with silence and separation. One day, a young girl arrives, asserting she is the reincarnation of Takae.

Public Reaction

The story's premise has drawn mixed reactions, particularly from Western audiences:

  • "This is why it's hard for new people to start watching anime."
  • "The judge won’t believe your wife turned into a child. You’re going to prison."
  • "Anime keeps getting weirder every season."
  • "What am I watching?"
  • "The Japanese always get accused."
  • "This is proper gatekeeping. October will be wild."
  • "If tourists had their way, all Japanese entertainment would be Marvel/Star Wars junk."
  • "I see why people are scared. It's not bad. It’s a wholesome manga. Not my thing, but it’s wholesome."
  • "I must have read the title wrong. No way this is real."
  • "I usually don’t like loli anime, but I like the plot, so I’ll watch it."
  • "I forgot they were making this. It looks good, but I’m unsure about the character designs."
  • "What would be a better title for this? Honest question."
  • "I like cute things, but this is weird. Definitely not on my list."
  • "Who thinks of these things? What kind of title is ‘If My Wife Became an Elementary School Student’?"
  • "Mao Zedong's biggest mistake was not invading Japan."
  • "If you skip the show because of the title, you’re missing out. It’s a good manga about loss. Nothing suspicious."
  • "I’ve read the manga. It’s a bittersweet story. The guy’s wife dies and reincarnates with her memory intact. It’s about their family dealing with grief."
  • "Reminder to the West: This is not for you. Getting mad over something made for another country is like returning someone else's order at a restaurant."
  • "I think this will be a comedy. It starts with reincarnation and keeping past life memories. Let’s see what they do with it."
  • "People need to stop getting outraged without knowing the facts. I read the first volume. It’s good and sincere. I recommend it."
  • "I get that it’s about helping a family deal with the mother's death, but the premise is obvious. The dark side of the internet will twist it."
  • "I’d like more anime or shows about reincarnation, not isekai."
  • "The content is tame, just has an alarming title. ‘If My Wife Became an Elementary School Student’ wasn’t the best choice."
  • "People scream about lolis without knowing the sad story of a wife reincarnating as a young girl with her memories."
  • "It hooks you with a bad premise, but then hits you with deep thoughts and reminders of inevitable loss."
  • "This sums up the anime. Many shows use a gimmick and run with it. Some people like it, and that’s fine, but it’s not for me."
  • "Are there no better works to animate than this?"
  • "Can we cancel this and use the money for a worthwhile anime?"

While the provocative title has led many to jump to conclusions, those familiar with the source material emphasize its poignant exploration of loss, grief, and family relationships. This disparity in reactions highlights the importance of looking beyond surface-level judgments and seeking to understand the full context of a work before forming an opinion.

Exploring Deeper Themes

The story delves into complex themes of reincarnation, memory, and the enduring bonds of love, offering a unique perspective on how families cope with tragedy. The controversy surrounding this anime serves as a reminder of the cultural differences in storytelling and the potential for misunderstanding when works are viewed through a different cultural lens.

As audiences navigate these themes, they are encouraged to embrace the emotional depth and sincerity. Rather than dismissing the anime based on its title, viewers are invited to experience the heartfelt journey of a family dealing with the reincarnation of a loved one and the profound impact it has on their lives.


Ultimately, If My Wife Became an Elementary School Student is more than its title suggests. It is a touching exploration of love, loss, and the enduring strength of family bonds. As the anime adaptation unfolds, it will undoubtedly challenge viewers to reconsider their initial perceptions and appreciate the nuanced storytelling that underpins this unique.

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