Let’s dive into the world of Kyoto Animation and the upcoming trials against the attacker. Brace yourself for some shocking news and intriguing discussions! So, get this: Shinji Aoba, a 44-year-old unemployed person with no fixed address, will face not just one, but a total of 32 trials for the devastating arson attack on Kyoto Animation’s first building, which claimed the lives of 36 people.

The trial dates have finally been established, with the first trial scheduled for September 5th this year. The trial is set to conclude on December 13th, and the verdict will be announced on January 25th next year. It’s quite an intense and lengthy process, isn’t it?

Shinji Aoba was charged with the murder of 36 employees back in December 2020 for the arson attack on Kyoto Animation. Now, four years after the incident, the Kyoto District Court has initiated pre-trial proceedings. During these proceedings, the court, prosecution, and defense will discuss and resolve various points of contention. And guess what? They will also be considering the appointment of a jury. It’s all about setting things in order before the main trial begins.

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Now, let’s take a peek at some interesting comments that have popped up in forums regarding this news. People have quite a range of opinions, as always:

  • “So, they’re gonna take another six months to hang him?”
  • “I wonder how long it’ll take for an anime about his life to come out.”
  • “How many years has it been since then? Is this really a first-world country?”
  • “It’s ironic that dozens of lives from Kyoto Animation perished on that same day, but Aoba’s life keeps dragging on as his trial gets delayed.”
  • “This is all just a damn waste of time. Just k him already!”
  • “There’s a Code that says the death penalty should be executed within six months of the sentence, but did you know it usually takes up to a year to k the convict?”
  • “I remember Kato Tomohiro, the guy who stabbed dozens of people in Akihabara in 2008. He was sentenced to death in 2015. Wanna know when they executed him? Last year.”
  • “Too bad we only have hanging and shooting as execution methods. It would’ve been perfect to burn him again.”
  • “So they’re gonna discuss the things the guy already confessed to doing 32 times? What the heck are they trying to achieve?”
  • “Isn’t justice supposed to be swift when he’s already confessed to his crimes? What’s the point of living in a damn advanced country?”
  • “Millions of yen from the public treasury will be spent on this stupidity, to prosecute someone who already admitted guilt.”
  • “He’ll be tried and sentenced to 32 death sentences, which is completely ludicrous.”
  • “The death penalty is pretty obvious for this guy. What’s the damn need for 32 trials against him?”


Wow, those comments sure show a wide range of emotions and opinions on the matter. It’s clear that people have strong feelings about the timeline and the necessity of multiple trials. This case has definitely stirred up a lot of heated discussions.

Remember, it’s important to approach sensitive topics like this with empathy and understanding. Let’s hope that the judicial process brings closure and justice for the victims and their families.

If you have any thoughts or questions about this situation or anything else you’d like to chat about, feel free to share them! Keep the conversation…

Source: Yaraon!

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